Help Desk Call Tracking and How It Works

The heart of your business success lies in your marketing. Maybe that’s why billion-dollar companies ($ 5 billion and above) spend 13 percent of their revenue in marketing while million dollar companies ($ 250 million - $ 500 million) spend 10 percent, according to Gartner Research.

However not all marketing avenues and campaigns are profitable, and as a business, you might be leaking marketing capital amounting to huge losses. This might be because of the multiple marketing campaigns your business is running, where some are not as effective as others.

The key is to find which marketing campaign works and pump capital in it while discarding the non-effective marketing avenues. And how do you find the marketing channels and campaigns that work? Help Desk Call Tracking, of course.

What Is Help Desk Call Tracking?

Help Desk Call Tracking is a system that helps you find the source of your incoming business calls, through tracing their digital footprint. This requires you to track all your marketing channels, be it your online ad campaign like Google AdWords and search engine results or your physical ad campaigns like newspaper ads and flyers.

How do you track all of your marketing channels? The Help Desk Call Tracking system creates a unique phone number for each of your marketing channels that can be tracked and recorded.

The information Help Desk Call Tracking may record include:

  • The number of phone calls you receive
  • The phone number used to make the call
  • The time distribution of incoming calls
  • The caller’s geographical location
  • The digital marketing source of the call

This recorded information is useful in that it can be used to know:

  • If there were any missed calls
  • The callers' identities, names, and addresses
  • Call summaries
  • Unique and repeat callers identities
  • Analysis of the frequency of calls by city and area code

Once you have such information, you now know where to make necessary changes or improvements if need be in your business. If there are many missed calls, maybe because most of the calls are during out of office hours it’s time to forward the callers to a certain number that works during certain hours. Or you can hire the services of a contact center that works 24/7.

How Does Help Desk Call Tracking work?

How Help Desk Call Tracking works is quite straightforward. You have each marketing channel bestowed with its own unique phone number that is traceable and recordable. This phone number can be toll-free or locally-based, whatever you decide.

Once a customer makes a call, the unique phone number bestowed on that specific marketing avenue or campaign immediately reports the ad source of the call. For example, a user lands on your website and decides to call your business through the phone number on your website. Immediately, the call is made a unique phone number is generated based on the keyword in the search engine that got the user to your website.

Benefits of Help Desk Call Tracking

Well, it seems like Help Desk Call Tracking offers only a single solution to your marketing needs if the information above is anything to go by. But that could not be further from the truth; it is not just about tracking customer calls origin:

  1. Manage different marketing channels - since your business already knows the effectiveness of different marketing channels, managing the channels and campaigns becomes easy. This knowledge plays a vital role in executing necessary marketing improvements for your business.
  2. Track performance-based advertising - Thanks to Help Desk Call Tracking your business gets to utilize online tools like Google AdWords and other SEO services to understand how the services perform and how to benefit from them.
  3. Manage multiple phone accounts - Each marketing campaign has its own unique traceable phone number. And all these phone numbers can be managed from a single dashboard. Therefore your business can easily manage several phone numbers at a time.
  4. ROI (Return Of Investment) Insight - Marketing is an investment that is supposed to help your business drive in new sales and maintain or better the current sales. But if it's draining you of capital, then drastic changes have to be made. By understanding which marketing channels are effective and which is not, you are able to know where to cut your losses.
  5. Better Caller experience - Just like marketing, customer service plays a crucial role in your business. That is why when you combine the two, marketing insight through help desk call tracking and customer personal information gathered by a CRM platform, you have a revolutionary caller experience.

How Does CCaas Software Perform Help Desk Call Tracking?

By integrating with multiple useful platforms like e-commerce, CRM, help desks, chat systems, and marketing software, the software can show your business all you need to know about your caller, from voicemails to phone calls to your business.

When a caller makes a call to your business, the call tracking software can figure out if the caller is a new caller or repeat caller by checking its database. The database holds all your customer's histories, making it easier to link a customer to uniquely qualified agents to deal with their concerns and needs. Therefore besides just knowing where the calls are coming from, the contact center software enables a business to know much more about their customers and how to effectively serve them to satisfaction.

Be as Productive as Possible

Help Desk Call Tracking software can play a critical role in your business's call center. Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible.

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