Open Source Call Center Software

The modern call center environment demands highly dependable applications that can handle the ever-increasing sources and types of communications. The compulsion to compliment this need, coupled with the advancement in telephony technology has led to the emergence of open-source call center software.

So, what is an open-source call center software? What does this application do? How does it work? Does it really help the call center agents harness information and knowledge? This article will examine the main aspects of the call center software open source and give you definitive answers to these questions.

What Is Call Center Software?

A call center software is a robust system engineered to help organizations manage numerous communication channels including email, phone, instant messaging, social media, and live chat. It is a flexible tool that enhances the help desk and boosts customer support to increase the efficiency and productivity of a business.

Generally, a good call center software rationalizes communication between the customer and the business, making it easy to resolve issues and respond to customer queries, conveniently. It enables an organization to interact and engage their customers in matters relating to products, services, or the business itself.

That said, it’s good to note that communication via a call center software is two-way; customer to business (inbound communications), and business to customer (outbound communications). To expedite the two-way communication, call center software come with powerful functionalities and integrate seamlessly with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, helpdesks, chat systems, and marketing software. This enables call center agents to derive comprehensive customer data to deliver better customer service and simplify workflows. 

Some of the key features of a call center software include:

  • Automatic Call Distributors (ACD)
  • Controlled telephony
  • Call Queues
  • Interactive voice responses (IVR)
  • Automatic screen pop
  • Call barging
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Conference calling
  • Disposition codes
  • Click-to-call
  • Voicemail and notifications
  • Predictive and power dialers
  • Historical and real-time reporting
  • Business tool integrations

Types of Call Center Software

Before we dive into the types of call center software, it’s good to understand the difference between open source call center software and proprietary call center software.

An open-source call center software is ‘free,’ which means you host the system yourself (although some vendors will host it for you), update it, and even troubleshoot it, with minimal technical support from the vendor. However, the open-source solution gives you unprecedented flexibility and can easily be customized to work with the existing systems. On the other hand, a proprietary call center software is not free and may cost upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Typically, proprietary call center software vendors host the system for you, provide stellar technical support, and keep these systems up-to-date. 

Depending on how it is implemented, a call center software can either be an on-premise call center solution or a cloud-based call center system. Cloud-based call center applications are affordable SaaS models that feature a cloud-based call center, making them accessible anywhere, anytime. These solutions also require no software download or installation to run.

In contrast, an on-premise call center solution is an application where the infrastructure, software, and hardware used to run the call center are hosted on a business’ property. These are the most professional call center systems, but they are expensive and difficult to customize. The solutions are not flexible and fit the common saying “what you see is what you get.”

Key features of an Open-source Call Center Software

The features of a call center software delineate its power and suitability to serve the purpose. Every open-source call center software in the market is built to provide a unique set of features that set it apart from the rest. However, it is the robustness of the core features that define the effectiveness of the system.

Here are some the key features to look out for in your next call center software:

Ease of use

Ideally, no one dives into the market looking for an intricate solution. But out of sheer ignorance, most of us end up with call center software that presents a steep learning curve and complicates the onboarding process.  To stay out of this mess, go for an open-source call center solution since it’s easy to configure, use, and manage. However, for a seamless onboarding process and access to cutting-edge features, you will have to explore proprietary solutions such as 8x8 call center software.

Call routing

Call routing is an imperative feature of a call center software. Basically, open-source call center software offers call routing as one of the core features. However, while the call routing capability of the open-source solution is ideal for small business, it may not be sufficient for a demanding call center environment.

For this reason, medium and large enterprises may want to look at proprietary call center solutions. Proprietary solutions deliver a truly on-demand call routing service that employs skill-based routing algorithms to delivers callers to the ideal queue. 


A call center software is employed to enhance customer experience and increase agent productivity. These goals can be achieved only if the call center software is flexible enough to support customization. An open-source call center software offers sufficient flexibility, but frequently requires the skills of a well-versed developer to tailor the solution to your needs.

Streamlining Call Center Processes

In summary, a call center software streamlines the mind-numbing process of managing communications channels. It simplifies the duties of call center agents, increasing efficiency and driving productivity through prompt and quality customer support. 

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