How Does an Inbound Call Center Franchise Work?

Inbound call center franchises serve companies that outsource part or all of their corporate communication duties rather than staff an in-house call center operation. Under the franchise model, the franchisee pays a fee to the franchisor, the owner of the brand, and essentially rents use of that company's branding and trademarks. Powered by call center software, inbound call center franchises can measure their productivity and boost ROI. 

What Is an Inbound Call Center Franchise?

Inbound call center franchises are businesses providing communication services for other companies. These call centers use a franchise business structure and generally make their money on several different contracts from large companies or a large number of contracts with smaller organizations. 

An inbound call center focuses on inbound calls, whereas outbound call centers (you guessed it) focus on outbound calling. Some call centers do both. 

Starting a call center franchise requires franchisees to sign a contract with the call center brand in order to acquire usage rights for the company's brand and trademarks. 

How to Use a Call Center Franchise

Call center franchises use VoIP and UCaaS systems to operate their phones and provide communications services. Their clients choose to outsource part or all of their communications functions to the call center franchise. In return for paying a franchise fee and a share of the call center's revenue, the franchisor may also assist with marketing and lead generation training, 

How Can Inbound Call Center Franchises Use Call Center Technology? 

Call center technology allows inbound call centers to boost their productivity and track key analytical data. For example, inbound call center franchises can put to practice call center analytics software to monitor key performance indicators, generate reports, and suggest improvements that can be made to the organization. 

In fact, tracking KPIs empowers organizations to identify important trends happening at the call center. Call center franchises can adopt a strategy of continuous improvement and stay prepared for changes internally, within the industry and with customers and callers. 

How Do Inbound Call Center Franchises Benefit from VoIP?

Inbound call center franchises can use VoIP to connect to inexpensive and flexible internet-based phone services. VoIP works by transmitting data over the Internet, while Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, trunking is a scalable, feature-rich phone service solution companies can use to deploy a full call center or contact center. 

How Do Inbound Call Center Franchises Benefit from UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, helps inbound call center franchises manage and deploy their communication services. UCaaS technology often includes analytics software, an all-in-one communications platform, and extensive reporting and monitoring functionality. 

With UCaaS, inbound call center franchises benefit from cloud-based phone service and multichannel communication technology. Texting, phone, chat and other communication strategies within a single platform can help your call center franchise stay productive and have access to customer information inside a compatible CRM platform. 

Here are just a few of the benefits to call center franchises:

  •  Streamlined communications: Use a single platform and have everything you or your team needs in one place. 
  • Cost savings: Pay one vendor and use a single platform. 
  • Reliability: With planned redundancies and excess capacity, you can keep your systems running with less downtime and better performance. 
  • Reduced hardware costs: You'll have less hardware to purchase or lease because you'll have more of the most important functions happening in the cloud. Save on maintenance and avoid costly updates and upgrades. 
  • Go on the road: Take your UCaaS with you, or allow a distributed workforce across town or around the world to all access the same platform. Share the technology with the rest of your organization and keep it simple. 
  • Vendor management: Leave the hassle of managing your UCaaS to your vendor and make it all easier for your team. 

Inbound call center franchises have a lot to gain from a great UCaaS system. That's why it's worth it to shop around and find the right vendor, thereby allowing you to benefit from their experience and knowledge of your industry to help your call center franchise thrive. 

Get a Technological Advantage

Looking to stay competitive with the right UCaaS technology and VoIP solution for your call center? Inbound call center franchises can save money, access a better phone service, and add software integrations that will enable them to accomplish more. 

UCaaS offers a variety of advantages for inbound call center franchises, allowing them to streamline their service, not require much hardware, access your UCaaS remotely and more. Inbound call centers may use call center software to help them become more efficient. With call center analytics, your organization can track important metrics and use data science to help your call center improve. The right call center technology enables your company to meet and exceed your goals. 

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