The Value of Call Center Scheduling Software

Modern call centers are a valuable asset to any business. But, contact centers of today have a lot going on. With multiple methods of communication, integrated monitoring, messaging, video conferencing and more, call centers are equipped to handle nearly all communication needs.

With all these moving pieces, managing your call center agents can get lost in the mix. By using integrated call center scheduling software you can improve the quality of service your call center provides. 

Learn what call scheduling software is, how it can integrate into your call center software and the benefits your organization will receive when implementing scheduling software into your workflow.

What is Call Center Scheduling Software?

Call center scheduling software is usually part of an integrated call center software suite. This scheduling software will help to manage call center agent availability and ensure you always have the proper staff availability.

Without call center scheduling software you’re left to piece together schedules on your own. 

However, with the right scheduling tool behind you, you’ll be able to easily create schedules that meet the needs of your customers, agents, and overall call center. 

Most call center scheduling software will also provide you with valuable agent and customer data. This will allow you to create schedules that are in alignment with higher calling days, and ensure you have the right experts available when you need them the most. 

Integrate Your Call Center Scheduling Tools Into CCaaS

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offers your business a multi-channel customer service solution that includes voice, text, SMS and chat. Today customers demand more than just a single communication channel. 

CCaaS solutions continue to grow in popularity. These cloud-based solutions make it easy to deploy a cutting-edge customer service solution without the need for expensive hardware or on-premise infrastructure.

CCaaS tools are equipped with features like:

  • Multiple communication and support channels like SMS, phone, live chat, and more
  • An all-in-one platform to manage agent and customer data
  • Tracking and analytics to improve the level of service
  • Easy to scale and bring on more agents for higher call volume

Most CCaaS solutions are also equipped with integrated scheduling software too. Depending on your provider this might come as a stock feature, or you’ll need to add the service to your package. 

Benefits of Call Center Scheduling Software

Call scheduling software will help you get the most out of your call center agents. Not only will you help your agents be more productive, but you'll empower them to create a better customer experience overall.

Learn the biggest benefits your business will receive when implementing call center scheduling software:

1. Forecast Agent Numbers

With integrated analytics software you’ll be able to better forecast agent numbers. Maybe you have changing needs, or your numbers have been steadily rising? Whatever the reason, you’ll be able to see verifiable proof. 

Analytics data will be able to show you things like call volume trends, topics of calls, quality of calls and more. With this information available you’ll be able to ensure you have the right agents available when you need them. 

2. Help Call Center Agents Work Better

Call center scheduling tools can also help to make your agents more productive. Scheduling software can let your agents offer feedback on their shifts, mark their preferences, and even change shifts with other agents. This will help give your agents more control and help to ensure they’re working in the areas that suit their skills the best. 

3. Facilitate Agent Growth

You can also use scheduling software to help your agents learn more skills. For example, you can schedule education, or training initiatives as well. Well-trained agents will help to represent your company in the best light possible. The more educated and well-informed your agents are, the better they’ll be able to serve your customers.

With call center scheduling software you'll improve your ability to manage your call center and your call center agents. This will positively impact your bottom line and help you create a better customer service across the board. Luckily, call center scheduling tools are included in most CCaaS systems. 

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