Facilitate Onboarding With a Call Center Nesting Program

In today's connected environment, customers are better informed about products, services, prices, and more. As a result, they expect more from customer support encounters. Organizations, especially businesses, understand these evolved customer expectations and have accordingly shifted from a support model to one that focuses on customer experience. To deliver excellent customer experience, organizations need to train their representatives accordingly. 

A call center nesting program is the primary way to ensure that phone representatives know procedures and best practices. Nesting is also integral to training on the technical aspects of call handling, such as the various functionalities of call center software. Call center nesting best practices help to create a customer support team that more efficiently reaches quality goals while remaining engaged for continued productivity.

What Is a Nesting Call Center?

Nesting refers to the initial period of direct phone work performed by phone agents who are in the midst of training. Call centers often transition employees from a training room — basically a classroom setting — to a nesting room. This nesting room is separate from the main call floor or production floor and offers an opportunity for new hires to test out live calls with customers. There is oversight, close work with coaches, and the ability to step away from phone work and continue training.

In a nesting environment, trainees are encouraged to take as many calls as possible to increase their comfort level and to take advantage of coaching opportunities that are not as readily available after nesting. Because of this, nesting is one of the best tools call centers and their agents have for ensuring optimal customer experience.

Customers Experience Drives Success

"The customer is always right" has long been the golden rule of consumer-focused businesses. While this statement is almost always correct, it doesn't fully reflect the importance of customer experience. Not all customers complain. Sometimes they simply voice their complaints by shopping elsewhere. Customer experience strives to ensure that customers have less to complain about because the entire customer lifecycle is tracked, monitored, and analyzed.

Since customers are so crucial to the success of products and services offered in commerce, call center solutions should facilitate issue resolution but also create a pro-customer environment. Nesting call center training should accordingly focus on building the ideal customer experience.

How to Engage Agents

It's crucial to train call center employees through a nesting system, but it is equally important to follow the nesting period with efforts that keep service agents employed longer. No matter how efficient your employees, if they leave, you have wasted resources on training. While employee turnover increases costs, it also threatens customer experience. A customer-focused business model relies heavily on well-trained call agents. If your call center is continuously training brand new workers, inexperience and errors can drive customers away.

There are various methods for increasing employee engagement and reducing attrition, such as team-building exercises, socializing opportunities, and finding ways to empower employees. One of the most effective means of reducing stress and keeping employees happy is by increasing the duration of a call center nesting program. Rather than watch frustrated employees leave and start training a new batch, extend the nesting period to ensure that the agents are not overwhelmed. After a period working on the call center floor, adopt a method for retraining.

Facilitate Training With Intuitive Call Center Software

One of the best ways to ensure agent performance is by deploying call center solutions that are easy to use. Spend more time onboarding agents on policies and practices that relate directly to your product and service and spend less time teaching how to use a system. Today's voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and unified communications providers offer virtual call center solutions that are easy to implement. 

8x8's Virtual Call Center features tools that augment the nesting call center. CRM integration, or 8x8's propriety CRM solution, minimizes guesswork about a customer's vital information and past customer support interactions. The FAQ knowledgebase turns every agent into an expert, so customers get accurate information. This allows managers to tap into real-time monitoring, call recording, and direct customer experience analytics. Lastly, onboarding to 8x8's platform is simple with 8x8's JumpStart program.

Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center you get world-class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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