Power Keys

Power Keys gives additional functionality to your Polycom phones. It allows you to handle multiple calls, utilizes speed dials and monitor and picks up calls for another extension. Through the 8x8 Admin Console you can setup Power Keys for your Users.
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Group Paging

Paging allows you to send a one-way message to a department, team or work area. To access paging functionality, you must be connected to a Polycom phone and be a part of a paging group.
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Overhead Paging

Overhead paging allows you to dial an extension and connect to a one way announcement paging system. You can make announcements to specific teams or departments within your site or even to other locations. 
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Switchboard Pro

From within the 8x8 Admin Console you can assign User permissions for Switchboard Pro. You can also create a greeting that can be used across multiple receptionists which helps the greeting stay consistent. 
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Barge Monitor Whisper Groups

Barge Monitor Whisper lets supervisors and managers listen in on an active call, whisper to the agent or even join the call. This can be helpful in training, coaching, evaluating agents and aiding in big deals. Click here for a quick reference sheet on how to use Barge Monitor Whisper.
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Meetings in Admin Console allows users to customize their meetings feature and layout. This enhances in-meeting experiences and allows personalized meeting layouts based on a company's own branding. More Info >


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