Login and Overview

As an 8x8 account administrator, manage your company’s phone system from our online portal. Configure and manage phone numbers, users, customize your auto attendant, set up ring groups and more.


Getting Started

During initial login you will need to set up a few things including, editing or creating sites, confirming your dial plan, and claiming phone numbers.
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Port Numbers

If you wish to keep your numbers from a previous provider, you can have them transferred over to 8x8 by submitting a number transfer request.
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Claim Phone Numbers

If you want to claim new phone numbers for your users, watch this video and learn how to add new numbers to your 8x8 account. 

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Role Based Access Controls

Managing access privileges is easier with Role Based Access Controls. Learn how to easily create custom roles and assignments in this short video.



If you'd like to learn how to manage your billing preferences, this video will walk you through everything you need to get set up and working in no-time. More Info >



The Users section keeps track of all of your employees. You will need to create a user for each employee. A User must be created in order to assign phone services and features.
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Profile Policy

The Profile Policy allows administrators to restrict their users’ access to certain in-app features. You can assign a specific profile policy when creating a user.

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Desk phone Activation

If you'd like to learn how to activate your desk phones, this video will walk you through the steps you need to know for the activation. 

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Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is a powerful tool for routing calls and providing information to your customers without tying up resources.
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Ring Groups

Ring Groups allow you to have incoming calls ring to multiple extensions in a specific order or sequence.
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Call Queues

A call queue places callers in a queue or line while your employees are busy on other calls. Calls will be distributed to the next available employee.
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