Call Center Services And Their Benefits

Call centers require costly hardware and software to run. But through the use of call center services, these centers can drastically lower their overall cost and increase productivity. While this may sound too good to be true, many call centers are already utilizing such services, known as call center software as a service (i.e., CCaaS) or communication cloud services.

Call centers have two main options when it comes to their communications infrastructure. They can install all the necessary equipment on-site or outsource it to a cloud service provider. On-site installations have their place but are becoming less common as call centers shift toward the cloud. On-site installs are costly because their call center must buy all the hardware and software, pay to have it installed and then sign a maintenance contract to handle any problems and ensure the hardware and software are always up-to-date.

Call center software as a service flips this paradigm on its head, because the service provider maintains the necessary hardware and software. This means very little interruption to call center operations. Because no one is required to be on-site specifically for the upkeep of all the communications equipment, the cost is drastically reduced. There will, of course, be some remaining cost, such as headsets, computers, and some communications hardware. These costs are only a fraction of the cost of full-blown communications infrastructure.

In regards to software, call centers need several critical components to operate:

  • Communications management (inbound and outbound call handling)
  • Call routing
  • CRM
  • Ticket system
  • Integration with billing

It's not uncommon for a call center to use different vendors for the above components. But all those disparate components make the call center representative's job more difficult. When the rep comes in every day, there are at least five different applications to start up just for basic functionality. Because these applications are from different vendors, there can be problems with integration between them, which reduces overall productivity. 

Call center software as a service offerings often include a unified communications software package. These packages will have much better integration because in many cases they are made by the same vendor or at the least, vendors that provide high compatibility with each other.

While CCaaS sounds great, is it the right choice for your facility?

Are Call Center Services Right For Your Facility?

Since call center software as a service is able to reduce cost of on-site installations, it would almost seem like a simple decision go with a CCaaS right? In most cases, yes. However, if you require the highest level of control, a CCaaS may not be the right choice. One example of this is the military. The military has almost unlimited resources so maintenance of an on-site communications infrastructure isn't going to be a deciding factor, whereas complete control is.

For a business with limited resources and who are looking at their bottom line, outsourcing their communications infrastructure makes a lot of sense. At the very least, it's a great starting point. If for some reason in the future, more control over the communications infrastructure is desired, the business can decide to build out an on-site installation.

A big benefit to using call center services providers is that you can add components as needed. If you are a new business and not entirely sure about which communications components you'll require, you can simply grow into them. Your service provider can let you know which package makes the most sense for your business. 

Also, as staff are added and the business grows, it's easy to add them to the communications platform. A headset, computer, and new account in the communications software will have them up and running in little time. Compare that with a local installation: To add more staff may require re-negotiating your contract, new hardware and a technician to come on site and complete the addition.

Build Your Communications Infrastructure With Call Center Software

Call center software as a service lets businesses build out their communications infrastructure as they grow. Companies will save money as well since no hardware or on-site installations are required. Additionally, service providers handle all of the software maintenance and upkeep, which would otherwise be a resource drain on any company. Unless there is some reason a business requires an on-site communications infrastructure, CCaaS is the clear winner. 

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