Relying solely on traditional communication tools, such as landlines and mobile networks can be limiting to say the least. Nowadays, team members require a seamless way to exchange ideas, and to ensure that information is processed securely and efficiently, businesses all over the world are shifting to VoIP technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows users to make and receive phone calls through an internet connection, and this method allows for a wide range of other capabilities that traditional business phone services can't match due to fixed electrical pathways. The bottom line is that VoIP systems offer effortless communication with greater affordability, and setting up your equipment is easier then ever.

To give you an idea of what to expect during your installation, here are few things to consider when connecting your new VoIP phone to your computer:

VoIP Phone to Your Computer: Getting Started

After you place your order and your provider initializes the setup process, installing your new VoIP phone service is fairly simple.

To get started, your provider will ship your hardware and input your end users into their VoIP portal. Next, a particular day will be set for an on-site software and hardware installation, followed by a training process for your end users to familiarize them with them the new equipment. Once everyone is up to speed, the final step to completing the process is to choose a date and time for each telephone number to be ported, as well as the overall service being activated.

Essentially, no one on your team should have to experience any installation steps themselves. A certified technician will be responsible for ensuring that all of your new equipment is working properly. However, if anything is needed of your team members, they may have to physically plug in their new phone system to their computer, which is simply connecting an Ethernet cable from the back of the phone into the PC's Ethernet slot.

Finally, after everything is finished, the telephone numbers you wish to use will have to be ported. This process requires the filing of a Letter of Agency (LOA) in order for a telecommunications provider to operate on the behalf of a consumer. After a previous provider has been paid in full, the new one can port the existing numbers and make your business phone services fully operational.

VoIP Tools, Hardware and Software Needed

As mentioned earlier, your new provider will supply you with all of the components you'll need to take advantage of VoIP services. However, to give you a rundown of what kinds of equipment you can expect to receive, it really depends on which type of provider you were previously with and what the transition to VoIP will entail.

Traditional landline providers require the use of excessive wiring and complicated issues whenever a technical problem arises. Not to mention, whenever updates or security patches are needed, it will most likely have to be initiated by a service technician, which can delay business hours or prevent normal operations from occurring. On the other hand, choosing to work with a cloud-based provider of VoIP services will eliminate the need for troublesome equipment, and users will have the freedom to perform quick updates, maintenance requests, and troubleshooting with accessible applications, intuitive suite platforms, and excellent virtual contact center solutions.

That being said, the equipment from traditional providers will have to be removed so that a smooth transition can take place. This means that any outdated equipment should be uninstalled and stored away to make room for newer phones, new data circuits and on-site software installation dates will be scheduled along with routine checkups.

A cloud-based provider will give you total peace of mind because their minimalism and ease of use provides total flexibility for your team. Not to mention, you'll save tons of money on affordable upfront costs and low monthly fees.

VoIP by 8x8 Is Simple and Reliable

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