In-Meeting Experience


The Meetings menu allows you to mute your microphone, share your video, screen share, chat with participants and more.
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Join a Meeting

Meetings make collaborating easier with our video conferencing and content sharing capabilities. Click the Meetings tab to join or create a virtual meeting instantly. 
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How to Schedule Meetings

Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

Create a Meeting right from Google Calendar by installing the Chrome Extension.
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Schedule a Meeting in Outlook

Using the Meeting plugin for Microsoft 365, users can create a Meeting directly from their Outlook Calendars. More Info >


Stream Your Meeting

Want to share your meeting with a large group of viewers? Use the streaming feature which streams your meeting to YouTube. More info >

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8x8 Spaces


8x8 Spaces integrates with your conference room to create a seamless meeting experience. Access scheduled meetings the moment your walk into a conference room, instantly launch content sharing on a conference room television, and much more. More info >

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As an administrator, setting up 8x8 Spaces is easy. Here's how to do it in the 8x8 Admin Console and in your physical conference room. More info >


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