About 8x8 and why you can trust us.
  • The company was originally founded in 1997 as a specialist provider of video processing technology (hence the name).
  • Since 2001, 8x8 has focused on delivering a range of best-in-class business communications services to organisations of all sizes from single-owner home-based businesses to multinational corporates.
  • Its core product range encompasses telephony, video-conferencing, and messaging, with recent enhancements, including advanced collaboration, analytics and contact centre options.
  • 8x8 are a publicly-quoted company (NYSE = EGHT) with over a million business users worldwide and reporting world-wide revenues of $280m in 2018 - click to read the latest financial results.
8x8 Express - What is it?

This is a fully-featured communications solution that has everything that an emerging small business needs, including a business number, auto-answer, group-ring and conferencing. 

Uniquely, 8x8 Express includes unlimited dial minutes to regular UK numbers and includes 8x8’s acclaimed video meeting solution, as standard.

Can existing 8x8 customers use it?

No, 8x8 Express licensing cannot be intermingled with standard mix-and-match X Series licensing (although Express customers can easily upgrade to full X Series at any time).

Can existing 8x8 customers use 8x8 Express?

No, 8x8 Express licensing cannot be intermingled with standard mix-and-match X Series licensing (although Express customers can easily upgrade to full X Series at any time).

What support is available with 8x8 Express?

8x8 Express is designed as a self-service product. This enables even a non-technical user to register, access, set-up, activate, customise and use the system, without formal installation support or configuration expertise.

A full set of on-line resources are available from the 8x8 support pages: https://support.8x8.com/express including a series of how-to-videos, set-up guides and KnowledgeBase articles.

As your business flourishes and your needs evolve, you can upgrade to 8x8 X Series Licensing, which includes access to additional specialist support resources.

Getting Started - How easy is it for me to sign-up to 8x8 Express ?

It couldn’t be easier! Registration and set-up are through an automated self-service page on our website: www.8x8.com/uk/express

Provisioning is automated, so your allocated phone number and service are active and ready-for-use within minutes.

Getting Started - What phone number will be provided?

This works like a traditional landline number and connects your callers to the relevant contacts within your business.

During set-up, we provide a pick-list of 01x and 02x numbers from which to choose. Although we do not offer new 08x or 03x prefix numbers, it is possible to port existing standard (non-premium rate) non-geographic numbers.

Getting Started - What if I already have a business number that I’d prefer to use with 8x8 Express ?

No problem. As part of the short on-line set-up process, you have the option to identify a number that you’d like to move to our service.

Getting Started - How do I sign-up for a trial account?

All we need is your contact information, business location and your credit card details and that’s about it.

The provisioning process is completely automated, so you can start using the system within minutes.

Getting Started - What does the 30-day trial version include?

Full access to the capabilities of 8x8 Express include:

- Unlimited calling to UK numbers

- Outbound calling to standard tariff UK numbers (e.g. 01x, 02x, 03x, 07x, 08x)

- Calls to premium-rate or international numbers are not supported.

- This ensures that your monthly invoice remains consistent and predictable, based on the monthly per-user charges.

- More flexible calling options, including international and premium rate numbers, are available by upgrading from Express to one of our X Series plans, that support post-pay billing.

    - Call forwarding, music-on-hold and out-of-hours message

    - One-to-One and group chat

    - Audio and video conferencing, up to 50 participants

    Getting Started - How long does it take to set up 8x8 Express?

    Typically, it takes between five and ten minutes from initial registration to service activation and then you are ready to make and receive calls.

    This is an automated process that’s initiated and completed via the 8x8 web site and activates the associated set-up of your main number and the provisioning of user accounts.

    Terms and Payments - How and when do you collect payment?

    Once the 30-day trial period concludes, payment (via the pre-registered payment card) will be taken on the first day of the subsequent subscription month.

    This scheduled and automated recurring payment will continue each month, until or unless the contract is cancelled by either party.

    Your first payment will therefore consist of two elements: 1) advance payment for the forthcoming month 2) retrospective payment for the period between the date of the end of your trial and the end of that month

    There is no charge incurred if you cancel within the trial period.

    Terms and Payments - What is the 8x8 Express contract term?

    We provide the month-to-month flexibility via the pre-payment of the relevant 8x8 Express subscription charges at the beginning of each 30 day period.

    There’s no contractual lock-in period. You can use 8x8 for as long as you like. If, as and when your needs outgrow 8x8 Express, you have a choice of upgrade options with our flexible mix-and-match X Series licensing.

    How does it work - Can I keep my existing landline numbers?

    Yes, you can associate any one of your existing numbers to your new 8x8 Express system. As your needs evolve, you can port additional numbers to your 8x8 system.

    How does it work - Do I need to buy new phones to use 8x8 Express?

    Not necessarily. If the phones you already use are models that 8x8 has tested and approved for use with Express, you can re-use them with your system.

    The set-up process is straightforward and requires the input of an activation code or network address for each phone into a configuration wizard.

    If you need additional desk or conference phones, a selection of recommended models can be ordered direct via the self-service portal on the 8x8 website.

    Mobile, desktop and remote users can use 8x8 Virtual Office application (available for Apple and Windows desktops, Android mobiles and iOS devices) to access the full unified communications capabilities of 8x8 Express.

    How does it work - What type of internet connection do I need?

    A good quality broadband connection is certainly recommended to ensure consistent access, availability and audio call quality.

    You can also host HD quality video meetings using 8x8 Express. The best practice recommendation is for at least 1Mbps available (both upload and download).

    How does it work? Can I use 8x8 Express on my smartphone?

    Yes, the 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile application provides access to the full unified communications capabilities of your 8x8 system and is supported on Apple and Android-based mobile devices.

    How does it work - What phones are supported?

    A selection from leading brands such as Polycom have been validated for use with 8x8 Express. See

    https://www.8x8.com/uk/communications-solutions/equipment for the current list.

    How does it work - Can I add new users to 8x8 Express?

    Yes, you can add users via the Express Manager interface.

    Provisioning and activation is automated. This means that the new users have access to the system within a matter of minutes.

    How does it work - What’s the maximum number of users supported by Express?

    The capabilities and features of 8x8 Express are ideal for small businesses or startups, with typically up to 9 users (although there’s no limit).

    As your needs evolve to support more users and more advanced call handling, 8x8 offers a range of affordable licence options via its X-Series suite.

    How does it work - What is an extension number?

    Each registered user of 8x8 Express is assigned a virtual extension number.

    This number is only relevant for users that associate a physical phone with their extension and enables traditional short-code dialling between users in the same organisation.

    In most scenarios, users will take and make calls with pick-and-click name-based dialling from their Virtual Office application.

    How does it work - Will all of my 8x8 Express users have the same features?

    By default all users have the same base set of features. More granular control of user capabilities is available under the 8x8 X Series licensing.

    How does it work - Can I customise my 8x8 Express features and settings?

    Yes. As part of the initial set-up you can customise the way that calls are answered and directed to users. This includes settings for business hours, menu-based answering (auto-attendant) and voice prompts.

    By default, the following are pre-set as standard,: Opening hours = 24x7; Welcome message = OFF; Call handling = Group Ring (simultaneous); Voicemail (standard prompts) = ON (no answer/busy). This means that you can start using the system as soon as it is activated. You can review and modify settings via the Express Manager portal, whenever you like.

    How does it work - Do I need to update my 8x8 Express regularly to get new features?

    No. One of the key benefits of a cloud phone service is that customers do not have to maintain or manage the central processing engine that drives the service.

    If you outgrow the capabilities of Express, you can easily upgrade to one of our X Series plans. This process is immediate and retains all of your numbers, settings, voicemails and other account information. 

    Calling capabilities - What call minutes allowance is included with Express?

    Unlimited UK inbound and outbound* calling is offered as standard to every user.

    *Outbound calls to standard local and national rate numbers in the UK, including 01x, 02x, 03x, 07x and 08x are permitted.

    Calling capabilities - Are there any limitations on which numbers I can call?

    Outbound calls to standard local and national rate numbers in the UK, including 01x, 02x, 03x, 07x and 08x are permitted.

    To ensure that the cost of your 8x8 Express Cloud Phone system is predictable, outbound calls to premium-rate numbers and international (non-UK) destinations are not supported. This avoids the uncertainty of post-pay billing of unanticipated call charges.

    If you require more flexibility for outbound calling (and the post-pay billing of call charges), 8x8 offers this as part of its X Series range.

    Calling capabilities - Can I call premium rate, freephone (toll-free) and emergency services numbers?

    Calls to freephone (toll-free) numbers as well as standard local and national rate numbers are supported.

    UK Emergency services numbers are also supported.

    To ensure that the cost of your 8x8 Express Cloud Phone system is predictable, outbound calls to premium-rate numbers and international (non-UK) destinations are not supported. This avoids the uncertainty of post-pay billing of unanticipated call charges.

    Calling capabilities - Is audio-conferencing included?

    Yes. As a Cloud Phone service, the conferencing capabilities of 8x8 Express are highly flexible, scalable and secure. Any mix of audio and/or video-based participants, up to a maximum of fifty per meeting, is supported. Participants can join via the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop or mobile app or via one of the published PSTN dial-in access numbers.

    Calling capabilities - Is video-conferencing included?

    Yes. The powerful 8x8 Meetings application, powered by Jitsi, is included with 8x8 Express, as part of the Virtual Office interface.

    This enables registered users to schedule video-based meetings with HD quality, content sharing and in-meeting controls and up to 50 participants.

    The integrated meetings capability offers the same features as the standalone 8x8 MeetingsPro service, including recording, meeting transcription and audio call-out). Whereas for MeetingsPro recording cloud storage is for up to 60 days, as part of Virtual Office, there is no time limit.
    Management features - Can I get call quality, usage statistics and other reports with 8x8 Express?

    No. These are available as part of 8x8 X Series licensing. 

    Management features - Which business applications does 8x8 Express work with?

    G-Suite (Google Calendar) and Office 365 (Microsoft Outlook).

    Broader and deeper integration with 3rd party applications, especially CRM systems, is available via 8x8 X Series.

    Express Data Sheet

    8x8 Express is a highly secure, easy to use cloud phone system. It’s a great fit for any small business or start-up and includes business communication features such as auto-attendant, call handling, voicemail, and more, for a low monthly fee.

    It’s easy to set up and there’s no hardware to install or maintain. All you need to get started is a good internet connection. 

    Download the 8x8 Express Datasheet

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