Text Messaging Software for Small Businesses

Text messaging software for small businesses allows even small organizations to take advantage of many of the same messaging and communications tools that large enterprises have. Enterprise text messaging software has really taken off as a tool for reaching today's consumers, many of whom love texting and use it frequently in both their personal and business communications.

By using text messaging apps in your small business, you can expand your marketing reach and also collaborate better as a team.

What is Text Messaging Software for Small Businesses?

Small business text messaging solutions allow even smaller organizations to take advantage of the benefits of text messaging in a corporate setting. Thanks to VoIP vendors (Voice over Internet Protocol), Internet-based text messaging software is now more accessible and affordable. While it's true that large enterprises have historically had the best access to business communications or call center software, small businesses now can use many of the same apps or use platforms that enable them to benefit from the same features.

Just like with VoIP phone calls, text messaging service for small business allows communications to travel via the Internet to recipients no matter where they are or what kind of phone service they use. Since text messaging apps aren't limited to VoIP recipients, businesses can use text messaging platforms to contact just about anyone who regularly uses phones.

And thanks to the popularity of texting, text message software for small businesses can now allow companies to reach more customers. While in the past, texting sometimes had a reputation as something too informal for serious use in the business world, that reputation has changed quickly and companies in a variety of different industries now consistently use text messaging.

How Does Text Messaging Software for Small Businesses Work?

Generally speaking, text messaging software for small businesses uses the following process to send and process communications:

  • Opening the application: The text messaging subscriber opens the application in a web browser or on a computer. From there, the user's computer sends a request over to the server responsible for processing the communications.
  • Communications app: Servers belonging to the VoIP vendor then respond by processing the user's request and allowing the subscriber to review messages, write a new text, or message back and forth with the recipient.
  • Traveling to the recipient: The message sent then travels to the recipient through the Internet, using a process similar to SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol trunking). SIP trunking relies on the Internet to transmit information instead of traditional phone lines or the public phone system.

By working in a "conversation" between the server, sender, and recipient, the software then sends messages back and forth to form a texting conversation. If a messaging bot is used, then responses may be automatically generated and sent by software communicating with the message recipient, a customer or team member. Call center agents can freely enter the conversation even if a bot is doing much of the "talking" to address a more complex conversation or personalize the information. Bots are useful for many routine communications, but can be limited in more complex situations---in those cases, having a human agent communicate is probably still better.

Getting Started with Text Messaging Software for Small Businesses

Text messaging software for small businesses provides smaller organizations with many of the same features a large enterprise can use. This way, businesses of any size can take advantage of communications platforms for collaborative and marketing purposes. Cloud-hosted text messaging solutions can help small businesses communicate without having to acquire expensive infrastructure or invest heavily in features they won't use. The service provider can power the text messaging service through their own servers, technical support, and software with minimal investment from the small business. Thanks to today's texting apps, businesses can scale communications solutions to fit their own individual needs, making texting more accessible than ever.

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