Leveraging a Stock Messaging App for Business

Instant messaging can be a valuable tool for your business. Whether you're looking to quickly collaborate with team members, share information quickly, or push out company notifications to your entire team.

Still, a lot of questions arise like, which messaging app should we use? Is a stock messaging app a viable solution?

You'll have dozens of choices for a company-wide messaging app, including stock messaging apps, integrated apps, and other SaaS tools.

Learn what a stock messaging app is, whether it's a worthwhile messaging solution, and what to look for in a viable company messaging app.

What is a Stock Messaging App?

A stock messaging app is pretty straightforward. Essentially, it's a native app that will be installed on your computer or phone. It's not associated with any existing platform, like Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, or any existing platform with a messaging tool.

This type of messaging app will usually integrate with other existing messaging tools, but the features might be limited. 

Stock messaging apps will typically offer a very minimal feature set. Sometimes solely offering messaging to a group of contacts. So, if you don't want a bloated app with too many features and only want strict messaging capabilities, then this could work for your business.

Is a Stock Messaging App Worth Using?

Whether or not using a stock messaging app is worthwhile depends on the size of your business, and the features you need in an app. 

Some business owners will only want a very simple app to notify certain teams about updates, or to enable team members to rapidly communicate with one another. In this instance, a stock messaging app should be able to get the job done.

However, if you have a more complex communication process that spans multiple departments and business associates, then you might demand a more robust solution. 

If you want to send messages that automatically sync across any connected device, and offer you the ability to send voice recordings and other information, then you'll want to look beyond a stock messaging app.

What to Look for in a Messaging App

There is no right messaging solution for every type of business. Instead, it's the best messaging solution for your needs.

If you're looking for a more robust messaging solution then keep the following features in mind as you research:

1. Single Application Accessibility

The quickest way to slow down workflows is to utilize numerous messaging and communication apps. A quality messaging app will offer you a single application for managing and sending all of your messages. Even if you're sending messages out to people who are using a different platform. 

2. Easy to Scale

You'll want messaging support for more than just your existing team. As you bring on more team members or business partners you'll want to be able to easily bring these new team members on board. Look for an app that offers support for up to 10,000 users and beyond.

3. Multi-Platform Integration

Different teams throughout your business might rely on different tools and apps for collaboration. With a quality messaging app you should be able to communicate across a wide range of apps. This will help to streamline workflows across your various teams and third-party partners and consultants. 

4. Document and Voice Sharing

The situation might arise when you need to share documents or even voice messages with your team. Instead of having to rely upon email, you should look for a messaging app that offers support for multiple types of media. 

5. Business Text Integration

In some cases, you might need to reach team members when they're out of the office. Some messaging apps will allow you to send text messages from your unified dashboard. This allows you o keep your team members in the loop without the need to fire up their own messaging app. 

Consider an Integrated Messaging App

If your business demands more than what a simple stock messaging app can provide then consider investing in an integrated messaging app that offers the features highlighted above.

Overall, this will help to streamline internal business communication as all messaging can be done from a single unified dashboard. This will allow you to stay on top of your internal communication, even if your teams or partners are using different communication apps, or are away from their desks.

A stock messaging app can be useful if all you require is a bare-bones way to communicate. However, most businesses will see more value when upgrading to an integrated messaging app that unifies all of their digital communication. 

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