SMS and MMS Messaging for Effective Business Communications

SMS or MMS messaging systems are increasingly becoming important channels of communication for businesses. With a read rate of 98 percent, no other communication medium can compete with texting. Statistics show that 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt and almost all messages are read at some point.

Due to such high retention rates, SMS is an ideal communication channel for businesses to reach out to customers, partners, or employees. MMS extends this capability and offers an opportunity for business organizations to enhance the interaction level further through multimedia content.

SMS and MMS: What’s the Difference?

Both SMS and MMS messaging can play a major role in everything from engaging customers to making important company-wide announcements. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

  • SMS: Short Messaging Service is the basic text service that we use on our devices. They can send text messages up to 160 characters in length. SMS was developed before MMS and was widely used as the go-to messaging service before the advent of the Internet.
  • Even though SMS isn't as flashy and doesn't offer as many features as MMS, it holds great power in its simplicity. For example, SMS are used to send short and crisp messages that are easy to understand. The SMS group messaging system is the most commonly used marketing technique because it helps companies reach a large group of people at once.
  • Another advantage of SMS comes as the result of its medium. Since SMS is sent using carrier lines and not the Internet, the message delivery is instant. If the smartphone has proper network reception, then the SMS will be delivered without delay.
  • MMS: A Multimedia Messaging Service is thought of as an upgraded version of SMS. MMS helps the user send multimedia content like videos, pictures, and audio files as messages. MMS uses the Internet to send and receive data and is supported on all the smartphones that are available in the market today.
  • With MMS marketing, businesses can include images and text in their messages, without a 160-character limit. People tend to respond to videos or images far better than text, which is why multimedia messages are known to have a larger impact on customers.

MMS mass messaging system is the equivalent of the SMS group messaging system. It helps a company reach a large group of people with customized automated messages.

Important Use Cases of SMS and MMS Messaging

Let’s have a quick look at some of the possible ways you can use SMS and MMS messaging to improve efficiency, reach out to customers effectively, and stand out from the competition:

  • Marketing and Sales Campaigns: SMS and MMS are turning out to be the most effective ways to run sales and marketing campaigns due to high open rates. You can reach out to new customers through mass messaging or bulk messaging to promote your products and services or increase brand awareness.
  • Order Notification & Tracking: Send order notifications to customers who have purchased items from you such as order confirmations, shipment tracking, delivery alerts, and more through SMS to reduce calls to your support center.
  • Discount Coupons: Create urgency and offer special promotional discount coupons to your loyal customers directly through SMS or MMS to increase sales.
  • Appointment/Reminders: Remind your customers of upcoming appointments automatically while reducing the need for making manual calls or sending emails about appointments.
  • Customer Support: While not as efficient as phones and emails, messaging can still provide another channel of communication for your customers to interact with your business. SMS or MMS can become useful in sending links to FAQs before they make calls to your support center.
  • Surveys/Feedback: SMS or MMS messaging is one of the most effective and non-intrusive ways to collect feedback from your customers after every interaction
  • Company Announcements: Send important announcements to all your employees or pass important business information to select recipients through group messaging.
  • Team Collaboration: With the ability to share multimedia content, teams can easily collaborate on projects, resolve issues and take decisions faster through group messaging. Recipients can either respond through MMS apps or directly with the native SMS.

With a plethora of benefits, SMS or MMS messaging can become one of the most powerful ways of communication, not just for your customers but for your employees too. Bring more efficiency through effective collaboration, reach out to potential customers in the most engaging way and stand out from the competition by utilizing SMS or MMS messaging.

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