Why Your Business Should Use MMS Messaging Apps For Marketing

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service (also known as Multimedia messaging system) is a technology that delivers what its name signifies – it helps the users to send media over the text chat system. It extends the capabilities of SMS (Short Messaging Service) that is used to send text messages over the cellular network. Developed by 3GPP or Third Generation Partnership Project, MMS essentially allows users to send and receive pictures, audio files, phone contacts and video files along with text from compatible phones. All they require is a wireless plan from cellular carriers.

While both SMS and MMS are powerful communication tools, from a business perspective, the facility to send and receive multimedia content enables a more engaging way to connect with customers. Research shows that people are likely to retain information three days later if you send them images instead of plain text. This makes MMS one of the valuable channels as it allows connecting with customers in ways that are convenient for them.

Visually rich content is equally helpful for businesses in clearly communicating messages between internal or external teams. With visuals, teams can collaborate effectively to resolve issues, clarify thoughts and speed up the decision making process.

With the availability of cloud services for unified communications, businesses can send and receive multimedia messages not just on their smartphones but across multiple devices. This is possible through MMS messaging apps that harness the power of the cloud and integrates communication, collaboration and messaging into a single app.

What Makes MMS Superior Over SMS?

Although SMS is a popular channel of communication today that lets users to quickly communicate the message with the intended user, it lacks in offering enough interaction. This is where MMS takes the lead and offers rich content that greatly enhances interactions.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of MMS:

  1. More text capacity: With SMS, users only had a maximum text capacity of 160 characters. With MMS, users don’t have such limitations, to begin with. You can send long strings of text through the MMS messaging app and the entire content will be delivered to the other end without delay.
  2. Send audio and video: With MMS, users can send more than just images and video, which include audio files like MP3, WAV and MIDI. MMS messaging apps also support sending text and media files together in a single message. This helps in generating more user engagement over plain text.
  3. Portability: MMS messaging apps built on cloud infrastructure allows you to send and receive multimedia content across any device. This ensures that important messages are never missed out even when you’re not at your desk.
  4. Group Messaging: Send multimedia messages to more than one recipient by creating groups. Recipients can reply to messages via the MMS app or through their native SMS.
  5. Single Business Number: MMS apps that come as a part of unified communications allows you to use a single business number for voice, fax, multimedia, and text messages. This avoids the hassle of managing multiple numbers for each communication service.

Adopt MMS Messaging Apps for Effective Communication

Even though MMS is more than 30 years old, the full potential of the system had only been realized recently. This came as a result of high-speed internet support being available on smartphones. Since the app can support any smartphone with internet capability, they now exist on almost all smartphones.

Business MMS solutions differ in their functionality and this is expected since the audience and use cases are different here. In business, MMS is used as more than just a messaging tool, they are also used as a marketing tool.

With MMS marketing, businesses are able to get to their audiences quickly and effectively. Businesses can make use of images, pictures images and audio files with business contact information text like phone numbers and email address. Since they garner high engagement rates, MMS marketing is something that businesses should definitely look forward to.

Apart from being useful for effective customer communications, this visual channel is equally practical for internal business communication, as it helps in comprehending the message quickly compared to plain text. This inevitably reduces errors and helps in passing the information across departments clearly.

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