Messaging Apps for the Computer

Messaging apps for computer text messaging allow businesses and other organizations to use SMS messaging to communicate with customers and internally with other team members. There's a wide variety of chat and text applications available online and through VoIP vendors, so your team needs to decide what features are the most important to you and which app offers the most for your business.

The best messaging apps have several common features that can help your business become more productive and communicate more effectively as well.

What are Messaging Apps for the Computer?

Messaging apps are usually either stand-alone chat applications or software programs that bring text messaging to your computer. Rather than using a wireless carrier's SMS text messaging system, messaging apps for the computer rely instead on similar technology to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and use the Internet to send messages between specific phone numbers.

The recipient phone number can be a VoIP subscriber, a smartphone, other cell phone, or computer user with a messaging app and account. Similar to IM (instant messaging) apps of the past, today's messaging apps instantly send a text. Now, though, messages are usually not just directed to a messaging account---they go to a specific phone number. They're accessible from a computer or phone---in the past, this wasn't the case.

How Do Messaging Apps for Computers Work?

Messaging apps use a similar concept to SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol trunking) to connect a VoIP subscriber app directly to the public phone service system and allow phones to receive messages from that subscriber using the app.

Generally, here's the process involved in sending a message:

  • Starting the app: With a cloud-hosted messaging app, the user opens the browser-based app or begins running the software. A request is sent to the cloud-based app's server, and the server responds by running the application and granting the user access to messages, contacts, and app features.
  • Sending a message: The user can create a new message, designate someone to receive it, and send it along on its way.
  • Receiving the message: Instead of traveling through traditional SMS text messaging service, the message is transferred via Internet service to the recipient, even if the recipient doesn't use the app itself and uses a different messaging client to receive it.

For many subscribers, the messaging app itself is part of the cloud-hosted communications platform that the VoIP vendor provides alongside other services such as VoIP phone calls, video conferencing and other unified communications technologies and call center software. These apps generally use a SaaS model (Software as a Service) where the company itself maintains a subscription that includes both the software and the service involved with hosting and supporting the application.

Advantages of Messaging Apps

Companies gain several advantages from using messaging apps at work.

These apps can:

  • Save money: By making text messaging more accessible and affordable, messaging apps can generate significant savings for the organizations that use messaging extensively as part of their marketing and operations.
  • Reduce resource use: Resource-intensive apps that require subscribers to use their own phones or maintain an onsite application for every user can make messaging for work less efficient. Messaging apps help solve that problem.
  • Connect with customers: Texting is now more widely accepted as a form of communication, so businesses can freely use it to connect with their customers. In the past, texting was seen as too informal by some people to use in marketing and sales, but the use of text messaging is a common

Organizations that rely on text messaging can accomplish more and save money. Devoting resources elsewhere can help your agents focus on their most important assignments.

Getting Started with Messaging Apps for Computers

The right messaging app for your organization can help your team collaborate, communicate with customers, and become more productive and effective. Messaging apps allow VoIP subscribers and messaging users to send text communications to specific phone numbers without using SMS text messaging.

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