International Text Messaging

Many organizations rely on text messaging as part of their communications and marketing. International text messaging can get expensive, but the right international messaging app can dramatically reduce costs. Using UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), companies can save on the costs of international messaging. Here's how.

What is International Text Messaging?

International text messaging is very similar to domestic text messaging, but may cost more in some instances. With traditional business phone service, these costs can add up tremendously for high-volume call centers and contact centers. This is because communications infrastructure for phone and chat service gets really expensive for phone service vendors to maintain. Thankfully, there's another option, and it's all because of the Internet.

Internet-based text messaging uses apps to send the messages. The Internet carries the communications instead of wireless or traditional analog telephone networks. With the Internet transmitting the messaging traffic, high volumes and long distances are not a significant issue and costs can be dramatically reduced for both the service provider and the subscriber using the communications system.

How Does Unified Communications Software Lower the Costs of International Text Messaging?

UCaaS can reduce the costs of international messaging. Thanks to the Internet, transmitting messages can now be done inexpensively and effectively. Using existing Internet infrastructure, messages can be sent without relying on legacy phone systems. These older systems were expensive to upgrade and maintain, so many phone service companies passed along the costs to their subscribers. Over time, aging phone wiring required even greater costs to update, making service needlessly expensive for many business and personal users. Even with cell phone service, infrastructure costs to provide access can be enormously expensive compared with using the Internet.

Here are a few Internet phone terms to know, and how they relate to international messaging apps:

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): VoIP is Internet phone service, allowing subscribers to send messages and calls easily through the Internet.
  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service): Enables businesses to have Internet-based communications quickly and efficiently through services provided by a vendor. Can include SMS text messaging.
  • CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service): A complete software platform for contact centers to use in order to communicate throughout an organization, collaborate, and conduct outreach or accept incoming calls. This is an expanded version of the call center concept---often used for telemarketing and other marketing communications. Agents working in these contact centers may use text messaging in their communications with customers or even in their communications with each other as they collaborate throughout the organization.
  • Messaging apps: Generally, agents working in a contact center or using business text messaging communications for another purpose will use a messaging app provided by a service vendor as a means of creating and sending messages. Agents can use templates within a platform and can type live messages. They can also get help from bots to create and send automated communications as part of their messages, allowing a single live agent to have a greater reach and be capable of managing more communications with customers. This solution may be offered as part of call center software.

International text messaging is no different from domestic messaging in the sense that messages can be carried online with little concern about distance, the amount of information sent, or the phone and service type used to receive messages. Text messages can be sent across the world to phones that receive messaging regardless of whether the recipient is a VoIP subscriber, has a smartphone, or some other type of service and equipment.

How You Can Get Started with Saving Money on International Text Messaging?

International text messaging can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Unified communications software can help your organization save money on international messaging. With the right international messaging app, your business can reduce messaging costs and stay productive in communications. Agents can write messages to your website visitors, communicate with your customers however they choose and take advantage of messaging bots to extend their own communications capacity.

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