Why to Invest in a Group Messaging System

In your workplace, do you sometimes have to climb and descend staircases, just to locate and ask that shy and introverted IT guy a question? Or, is there a time your office colleagues had to ask for email address so that they can send you the end-year party videos?

What is an Enterprise Group Messaging platform?

Enterprise group messaging platforms are designed to replace emails, messaging apps, voice calls, video conferencing and face-to-face interaction, and in the process simplify enterprise communication and collaboration. They get rid of the need to use personal contact number for communication in the workplace. Most of the other communication channels, other than group messaging platforms, are not real-time. This may lead to poor or delayed business decisions.

Enterprise Group Messaging systems allow teams to share information, ask questions, post pictures, videos and links, and integrate data and processes from line-of-business applications. These platforms facilitate conversations to take place in chat-based flows in the process reducing the reliance and overexploitation of traditional communication channels like email.

How does an enterprise Group Messaging System work?

A single message can be sent to a group of people, or to a number of groups at the same time. Like a BCC email, you have the option of blocking a recipient from seeing who else received the message. There is no limit to the number of contacts that a group can hold. There is a group merge message that allows you to customize the message to every individual receiving it. Once messages have been sent, using group message analytics, you are able to know those that received the message from those that did not. If you wish to archive conversation chats, it is possible.

The platform allows for the creation of topic-specific chat rooms. Also, you are able to know when one is free and available to chat. In addition, you are able to edit your contact list. This comes in handy especially in a workplace environment where new people are regularly hired while others are released to the job market.

Some group messaging apps are able to show when a person is typing. Other messaging apps have a ‘Like a Message’ feature. This is key especially when you need instant feedback for product or service improvement.

What are the Qualities of great Enterprise Group Messaging?

A good enterprise group messaging platform should have the following features:

  • Business to Business Collaboration: The group messaging system should come with in-built add-ons that integrate, share and collaborate with other external partners, industry verticals, customers and suppliers that might be using other messaging platforms.
  • Cross-app connection: The platform should, in real time, link with people using different company messaging application. Swapping between numerous apps to manage different communication channels certainly may lead to confusion and loss of data.
  • Company-wide access: The platform should be highly scalable –should support 10000 employees and over, secure and instantly available to all employees in your global directory
  • Security of Data: Fulfill administration requirements for managing people, groups, and content.
  • One experience: Unify voice, messaging and meetings into one experience.
  • Intuitive interface: Have Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to support more software development
  • Unified desktop and mobile experience: Provide an integrated desktop and mobile experience; allow group messaging to transition seamlessly between your desktop and mobile device, thus empowering you to work anywhere from any device
  • Support both public and private rooms which make it possible for content to be shared only with those who need the information.
  • Have the ability to follow and unfollow content and use @ mentions --this assists in limiting distractions from notifications and high volume dialogs.

Why should companies invest in a good Enterprise Group Messaging?

Already, there are so many communication channels available for your business, from text messages, emails and Skype. However, these platforms cannot compare to a good enterprise group messaging platform. Unlike these generic communication applications, a company group messaging app:

  • Leverage device-to-device encryption. This makes it secure to send sensitive messages.
  • Comes in different designs, thus enabling them to be tailor-made for the different workplace environments.
  • Have auditing and administrative control features. They also have a central data repository. This improves your ability to manage and control access to accounts. In addition, it discourages employees from misusing office time for personal chats.
  • Can be used to conduct company-specific polls, organize meetings and share sensitive files.


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