Understanding Enterprise Text Messaging Tools

Companies can use an enterprise text messaging tool to collaborate on projects and communicate with customers and members of the public. Enterprise text messaging works differently from traditional SMS text messaging and instead relies on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) style apps to send messages over the Internet. Since these apps do not rely on SMS service from a wireless carrier, they can save organizations that use them money and resources.

In this article, you can learn more about enterprise text messaging tools and how they work.

What is an Enterprise Text Messaging Tool?

Enterprise text messaging allows companies to communicate and easily collaborate together through text messaging. Many of these apps work in a similar fashion to IM (instant messaging) apps, but they can send messages to phone numbers directly instead of just to an IM account. This makes these apps great for marketing campaigns that use text messaging to consumers.

Some of the features and benefits of enterprise text messaging include:

  • Communicate with any text-enabled phone: Send text messages to phones. Even if the recipient isn't a VoIP subscriber, your business text messaging app can still quickly and easily reach your recipient.
  • Reduce enterprise texting cost: It can be expensive to send text messages out if you don't have an enterprise texting plan and app.
  • Reach international numbers: Thanks to reduced costs and the wide reach of business text messaging apps, it is easier now to send texts to international numbers. If your organization does a lot of business with consumers in other countries, this marketing tool may provide a significant boost for your business.
  • Use bots: In many cases, you can use messaging bots to automate part or all of your routine communications. For instance, basic inquiries and questions from customers can receive automatic replies with basic information. This frees up agents for more complex conversations.

With these and other significant advantages for organizations, it may make sense why the enterprise messaging market size continues to increase. Companies using text messaging are experiencing greater productivity and are better able to connect with their customers.

How Do Enterprise Text Messaging Tools Work?

Enterprise text messaging tools are typically offered by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) vendors using a SaaS (Software as a Service) model---subscribers get access to the software and application support service from their VoIP provider, with the software installed offsite on the vendor's servers.

Typically, this is how enterprise text messaging tools work:

  • Starting the app: Users open the application via their web browser or within their business communications platform. A request is sent to the vendor's server, which then opens the application and powers it from the vendor's infrastructure.
  • Sending a message: From there, within the business text messaging app users can write and send text messages. The sever processing communications for the subscriber can then send the message to the recipient and manage traffic from there.
  • Recipient's phone receives the message: Through the Internet, the message travels in a similar fashion to SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol trunking). This allows the recipient to receive the message from a cell phone, enterprise messaging app, or other messaging tool.

Text messaging has a powerful impact in today's marketing and can serve as an effective tool for a variety of different applications in business settings.

Getting Started with Enterprise Text Messaging Tools

Enterprise text messaging applications allow businesses to use text messaging in their own collaborative communications and as a communications tool for reaching consumers. With the widespread use of texting in personal and business communications, text messaging has a variety of uses and can serve an important role for businesses looking to expand their reach. Business text messaging apps use the Internet to transmit communications between subscribers and end recipients, so messages can reach both phones and computer messaging apps. Increasing enterprise messaging market size is evidence that messaging in corporate settings is gaining traction and helping organizations stay productive.

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