Understanding Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging can help your organization collaborate as a team and communicate with the public. Using a business text messaging app, your company can quickly and effectively send texting communications without using SMS texting service. This allows your organization to have greater flexibility and save money at the same time. Since texting can get expensive, it makes sense for organizations to find out how they can reduce per-message costs and maximize the features they have access to.

By using business text messaging, your business can take advantage of one of the most popular forms of communications available today for marketing and collaboration.

What is Business Text Messaging?

Business text messaging allows businesses to use texting as a collaboration and marketing tool--as well as a replacement for short emails, phone calls, and other quick forms of communication within and outside of the company. With text messaging apps, this no longer requires wireless phone service or access provided by a traditional phone carrier.

A variety of chat and messaging platforms are available, and businesses can use bots to compose messages automatically and contribute to messaging. This way, agents are freer to focus on more complex communications requiring a human being.

Texting is reaching a new level of popularity with businesses as it loses its old stigma of being too informal for serious communications. It's not just for teens anymore---texting is now a way you can reach customers and get more work done.

How Does Business Text Messaging Work?

Typically, business text messaging apps are cloud-hosted and offered by UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) vendors. The app itself primarily runs in the cloud and the user can access it from a web browser or a communications platform. From the app, subscribers can send and receive text messages. The server runs the communications software and mediates the conversation. Agents, bots, or both can write texts and send them to team members or customers.

The Benefits of Business Texting

For businesses, there are a variety of possible benefits, including:

  • Standing out from competitors: Not everyone in the business world uses texting, although it is popular with consumers. It's a chance to use a unique form of marketing.
  • Reach customers fast: Often, the sale goes to the first business that reaches the customer. Texting is instant---it's an opportunity to reach customers before your competitor does.
  • Convenience for everyone: For both businesses and consumers, texting is very convenient. It's immediate and reachable. As soon as your customer provides a phone number, you can have a text sent out, and now the customer has your information at-a-glance.
  • Finding consumers where they are: Your customers probably have smartphones, and it's likely they're using them fairly regularly, too.
  • Worldwide reach: Even if your customers are outside the country, you can probably still reach them with business text messaging. And thanks to VoIP, it's affordable to do so.
  • Personalize your marketing: Texting is very personal, and it's also something you can personalize a bit. Using what you know about your customers and information you have in your CRM (customer relationship management) software, you can easily create different text mailing lists or customize every contact to the individual.
  • Bring in the bots: Thanks to text messaging bots, your business can create automatic communications that send out in response to basic inquiries and customer questions. This can make it much easier for your organization to communicate quickly, while also saving your agents' time for the more complex requests that require a real person.

With these and other benefits for your business, it makes sense to consider texting.

Getting Started with Business Text Messaging

Text messaging service for business has a lot to offer for both companies and their customers. With the number of people using smartphones and relying on text messaging communications, texting can help you with your marketing and internal collaboration among team members.

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