All in One Messaging App: How It Helps You to Manage Apps Better

In our day to day life, we tend to use messages more than calls. However, since we use multiple messaging apps on a daily basis, making sense of them can be a tricky job. All in messaging apps are software that that bundle all your messaging apps on a single platform. So instead of switching between apps to see what’s new in each and every one of them, you can just open the all-in-one messaging app to see every single notification laid out in an orderly manner.

For businesses, all in one messaging app is a boon in terms of workplace efficiency. There is less downtime navigating between each app and since the notifications from apps don’t drown each other, the users can better manage their messages and ensure that they don’t miss out only any important notifications.

Nowadays there are many services that offer these services to consumers. Some of them even tout unlimited app support, meaning that you can bundle as many messaging apps you want into the system and it will work just fine.

You can also keep separate tabs for the messaging apps you use for personal use and work, ensuring you don’t mix both of these up in the “All in one” methodology used by these apps.

All-In-One Vs UCaaS: Are They The Same Or Miles Apart?

However, one among the common misunderstanding that many people have about all in one app is that people think that the All in one apps are messaging apps the have multimedia support. This is not what these apps mean by “all in one” or in other words, they don’t have any communication features of their own. Think of them as folders and they store files in the form of apps.

A single App having multiple communication channels within itself is called a UCaaS enabled device. Basically what it means is that your device support multiple communication channels, hence they are part of the UCaaS or Unified communications as a service group.

In essence. The difference between features of both All-in-one software and UCaaSsoftwareis like night and day. One is aimed at managing stuff while the other is aimed at engaging people through multimedia options.

One can even argue to say that All in one messaging apps can store multipleUCaaS supported Apps.

It is easy to spot a UCaaS device with the type of feature it provides. They may sport most or all of them mentioned below:

  • Audio Call features: Ability to call someone directly from your messaging app. This feature is enabled by the internet in UCaaS. It helps the users in the same platform to call each other without incurring any phone charges.
  • Multimedia Support: UCaaS services support multimedia file sharing options. These features have made giant leaps of improvement in terms of how companies collaborate these days. With the UCaaS platform, users can send videos, images or audio files to one another with ease.
  • Screen sharing: This feature is seldom seen in consumer grade UCaaS apps, however, more common for apps that cater to business. Basically, screen sharing works by leering you log on to another person’s computer. Then you and your work mate on the other end can work on the same PC even while sitting at two different places.

All in one messaging app are great for you if you manage a lot of messaging apps on a daily basis, for both work and personal life. These all in one suite comes out of the package with support for the Facebook app, WhatsApp etc.

Customizations are also possible in All in one messaging app as the user can tweak how the software look and feels. Customers who use All in one messaging apps use them between their phones and computer hand in hand. Hence, the software must be able to give a unified experience throughout the whole range.

If your company requires your employees to maintain and keep track of various messaging apps on a daily basis, then investing in an all in one messaging will definitely contribute to its future by increasing the overall efficiently of the business. Make sure that you use services from a trusted software provider like 8x8. Our services help you stay connected even when you are on your mobile or your computer.

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