8x8 Provides Business-Quality VoIP for Law Firm with Heavy Call Volumes

Attorneys Andy Taylor and his wife used to think all service providers were basically alike. After countless issues with RingCentral, they switched to 8x8 and found the reliable service they’d been looking for.

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Law firms looking to implement hosted VoIP may think all service providers are basically alike. That’s what Andy Taylor thought when he and his wife opened their law offices back in 2010. After two years of poor call quality and frequent downtime, though, it was time for a change. Andy realized 8x8 offered something more: a business-quality phone system his firm could count on.

Andy and Tasha Taylor first met at law school, never dreaming that one day they would be partners at the same firm. But in 2010, the former classmates—by then, a happily married couple—opened the law offices of Taylor & Taylor in Little Rock, Arkansas, focusing on personal injury, appellate, and debt collection cases. From the outset, Andy Taylor knew they needed a modern phone system with advanced business features to run their firm.

He did some research and decided on a hosted VoIP system from RingCentral. Over the next two years, it was a decision he came to regret.

Done with Downtime!

“Our RingCentral phone system had a lot of downtime,” says Andy. “Sometimes it was down all day; sometimes half a day. Clients would call us and just hear silence—they couldn’t even leave messages. Our firm gets a heavy volume of incoming calls, so when our phone system was finally restored, we had a lot of unhappy clients to deal with.” And downtime wasn’t the only issue. Even when the RingCentral system was working, the call quality was poor.

“We had problems with echoes and latency on the line,” recalls Andy. “It didn’t sound like a high-quality business phone system.” By 2011, the Taylors had had enough. “We came into work one day and the phones weren’t working again,” says Andy Taylor. “It was the final straw. I said, ‘I’m done with the downtime!’ and started looking for a replacement phone system.”

8x8 Reconfigures Existing VoIP Phones in Record Time

Andy’s research led him to 8x8, a hosted VoIP provider he had considered two years earlier. This time he took a closer look at the company—and liked what he saw. “8x8 is an industry leader in business VoIP with a large customer base,” he says. “That gave me a comfort level with their ability to ensure uptime. The 8x8 phone feature set was also more extensive than that of many other providers.”

Because Taylor & Taylor already had VoIP phones installed, the firm’s migration to 8x8 service was unusually fast. According to Andy, it took just two days. “8x8 Technical Support reconfigured our phones and took care of all the customizations we needed on their end,” he says. “All we had to do was remove the RingCentral stickers from our phones and they were good to go. That was a great initial experience and made me feel even more confident about moving forward with 8x8.”

A Change for the Better: Improved Call Quality and System Availability

As soon as Taylor & Taylor switched over to 8x8 business VoIP service, everyone in the office noticed the difference. “The call quality suddenly got much, much better,” says Taylor. “And the phones started working all the time.” Another perk of the new phone system was improved caller ID for incoming calls. Previously, only the caller’s number was displayed. With 8x8, both the caller’s name and number are displayed, making it easier to identify the caller.

Andy Taylor of Taylor & Taylor Law Firm

“8x8 is an industry leader in business VoIP with a large customer base. That gave me a comfort level with their ability to ensure uptime. The 8x8 phone feature set was also more extensive than that of many other providers.”
Andy Taylor
Partner of Taylor & Taylor Law Firm

Work Anywhere While Maintaining a Professional Image

For the Taylors, the ability to make and take calls anywhere is a huge advantage of their phone system. Andy uses the 8x8 mobile app to call clients from his iPhone when he’s out of the office. The mobile app gets high marks for displaying his 8x8 office number instead of his cell phone number.

“When I contact a client or a witness in a case, I want the call to look like it’s coming from my office,” he explains. “Calling from my personal cell phone doesn’t look as professional. With 8x8, I can make business calls wherever I go while maintaining a professional image.” Tasha also uses the 8x8 mobile app when she’s traveling, but as a new mother, she particularly appreciates the flexibility to work from home. By plugging in an 8x8 VoIP phone at her home office, Tasha can make and take business calls as seamlessly as if she were at the firm.

Unified Communications Makes It Easy to Access Messages and Faxes

Like many law firms, Taylor & Taylor receives a lot of documents by fax, including motions, pleadings, settlement offers and demand letters. Previously faxes arrived at the firm and then sat until someone noticed them. With 8x8 unified communications, faxes arrive electronically and are delivered directly to the recipient’s online inboxes.

“What we had before worked,” notes Andy Taylor, “but 8x8’s Internet fax feature is much more reliable.” Email notification of voicemails also appears in each user’s inbox, providing easy access to all messages. “It’s very convenient to be able to listen to my voicemail just by clicking the email attachment,” says Taylor. “I do it a lot when I’m on a break from a hearing or deposition. 8x8 unifies everything so I don’t have to log into different messaging systems.”

No International Roaming Charges

Recently Andy and Tasha spent a few days vacationing in Mexico but wanted to stay in touch with the office while they were gone. Using the 8x8 mobile app and the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, they were able to quickly check their voice, fax and email messages without incurring international roaming charges.

“We were on vacation so we didn’t want to spend a lot of time checking messages,” says Andy Taylor. “With 8x8 all we had to do was open our inboxes and spend a few minutes making sure nothing urgent had come up.”

Enhance Office Productivity and Case Preparation with Call Recording

Taylor & Taylor like to give a personal touch when clients call the firm. Usually their assistant answers the phone, but when she’s busy or away from her desk, 8x8’s auto attendant takes over. “Auto attendant is a lifesaver,” says Andy. “It gives our assistant the freedom to take a break or step out of the office while ensuring the phones are covered.”

The Taylors have also started using 8x8 call recording to capture witness statements. Andy Taylor burned one such recording to a CD and sent it off to the insurance company. “Recording my interview with the witness lets the insurance company know that we are ready to proceed,” he says. “In litigation, it’s important to show the other side that you’ve worked up the case and are prepared.”

8x8 Reliability: The Difference That Matters

When Taylor & Taylor left RingCentral , the company contacted them wanting to know why. Andy Taylor told them cost was not the issue. “8x8 is more expensive than RingCentral, but that’s not what I care about. Our clients can’t go for several hours—or even a whole day—without being able to call or leave a message. Yes, 8x8 costs a little more, but the phone system actually works. That’s what I care about.”

Asked whether other law firms should consider 8x8 hosted VoIP service, Taylor responds without hesitating. “Absolutely yes. We’ve had a great experience with 8x8.
The service is a very flexible tool that lets you be anywhere and take calls from clients. 8x8’s tech support is also outstanding. When we have a question, they either know the answer or they find out the answer and follow up promptly. I would recommend 8x8 to any law firm that needs highly reliable business VoIP.”


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