One of the fastest growing companies in the UK moves to one system to replace legacy PBX systems whilst simplifying billing.

Award-winning recruitment group uses Virtual Office to underpin rapid growth.

Starting out as a specialist recruiter to the construction, engineering and property markets, McGinley Group has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK (Financial Times 2018). The group now employs 190 staff across 10 companies and multiple locations, each serving a specialist market sector (aviation, construction, education, healthcare and technology).

The Challenge

Rapid expansion and acquisition has brought challenges as sites often had different PBX systems, vendors and tariffs.

“We wanted everyone to use the same system, hardware and billing — so we could simplify support and attribute costs accurately among our companies,” says Carrie Sheen, IT Manager at McGinley Group. “We’re a mobile business too, so it was important to provide IT services for salespeople and other colleagues who are on the move.”

The Solution 

McGinley Group chose Virtual Office from 8x8 for its commercial advantages and agility. “Flexibility is massive for us,” says Carrie Sheen. “We needed a system that enables us to open or move offices quickly and have connectivity across the country.” 

The launch went smoothly with zero downtime. The IT team then discovered the tech was so delightfully intuitive, they could provision and setup new offices themselves.

“The 8x8 support desk are helpful and knowledgeable but we rarely need them. It’s quick to set up and add virtual numbers. Just map out your ring groups and auto attendants — and you can’t go wrong,” explains Carrie Sheen.

Employees love the new tech. They can take their handsets as they switch offices, work from home, or hit the road — and their DDI numbers, tools and directories go with them. Better still, they can simply use the app instead. The new tech has enriched the customer experience too. CEO and Founder Colm McGinley felt passionately that calls should always be answered rather than going to voicemail. Now that’s easy — as Virtual Office automatically hunts and finds someone able to take the call.

Key Benefits

Greater business agility

It’s fast and easy for McGinley Group’s IT team to open or move offices themselves. They’ve provisioned 5 new locations in the past year.

Flexible working

The company can activate local numbers as needed, depending on how the business wants to present itself across the UK, while enabling privacy over its actual geographic location.

Group-wide simplicity

It’s fast and easy for McGinley Group’s IT team to open or move offices themselves. They’ve provisioned 5 new locations in the past year. Despite looking after seven companies, the group’s IT team has used 8x8 successfully to simplify management, support and billing.

The result

With 8x8 Virtual Office, McGinley Group continues to thrive and grow — with more acquisitions ahead. The company is fulfilling its mission to ‘raise expectations by challenging convention’ through collaboration, innovation and a commitment to excellence. “We’re all about great people - and giving them great systems to do great things,” says Carrie Sheen.

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