8x8’s Integrated Unified Communications and Contact Centre Enable BPO Service Provider to Deliver High-Touch Customer Service

What distinguishes MatrixOneSource is the utilization of tools and technologies to help clients gain efficiencies, reduce costs and drive their business forward. That’s why the company depends on highly reliable 8x8 cloud communications for its phones and contact centre.

MatrixOneSource’s business philosophy is simple: everything is geared toward a great customer experience. Founded in 1999 and based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company started out as—and continues to be—a BPO service provider focused on human resources, payroll processing, and related employment services. After experiencing triple-digit growth, MatrixOneSource launched a managed service provider (MSP) group that delivers the same outstanding customer experience as its BPO division, but focused on infrastructure technology support.

“We don’t adhere to the ‘break-fix’ model other MSPs use,” explains MatrixOneSource CIO Eric Tewey. “That causes too much pain and disruption for our clients’ businesses, especially in the mid-market segment. Instead, we reduce user downtime by proactively addressing process issues and getting people back to work as quickly as possible.”

The company’s service desk metrics illustrate just how successful this approach is: the average wait time for callers is just 22 seconds, 92% of reported issues are resolved at the service desk and need no escalation, and 86% of those are first-call resolutions. Underlying these impressive results are two mission-critical, closely integrated cloud technologies from 8x8: hosted business VoIP and Virtual Contact Centre.

PBX Hardware Investments Don’t Pay Off

Before implementing 8x8 cloud communications, MatrixOneSource tried to manage its rapid growth by installing various PBX hardware systems in its Jacksonville, Miami, Pensacola and Tampa, Florida, offices. Maintaining these disparate systems soon became “an arduous task” says Tewey.

“Circuit boards would fail, and we constantly had to replace our PBX hardware,” he recalls. “Our phone systems all had different auto attendants and procedures for adding users, making them hard to manage. We wanted to focus on servicing our own customers, not on installing and maintaining phone systems across Florida.”

When the worldwide recession hit in 2008, MatrixOneSource consolidated some of its offices to cut costs. Thousands of dollars’ worth of unused PBX hardware ended up sitting on Tewey’s office floor.

“Our PBX hardware wasn’t scalable, so some of our capital investments went to waste,” he explains. “We realized that by moving our communications to the cloud, we could better align our costs and pay for what we need. It would be a much better investment going forward.”

8x8’s Market Leadership and Ease of Use Outstrip the Competition

Tewey and his team began evaluating cloud communication providers, and 8x8’s industry leadership caught his eye right away.

“I’m a big fan of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant,” he says, referring to the Gartner Group’s well-known market research reports. “When I saw 8x8 listed as a leader there, I wanted to learn more about the solution.”

Eventually Tewey and his team narrowed the field to 8x8 and two other vendors. Even during the demo phase, 8x8 stood out.

“We asked to demo the solutions, and 8x8 shipped us some phones,” he recalls. “Our executives plugged them in and they worked great! One of the other vendors had to bring in a server and two of their engineers spent a whole day setting it up. I was amazed that 8x8 didn’t need to send anybody out.”

Another standout feature from Tewey’s perspective was the seamless integration between 8x8’s business VoIP services and its Virtual Contact Centre.

Initial DIY Installation Takes Just One Day

But while Tewey was impressed with the ease of 8x8’s installation, he wondered whether such an apparently simple solution would prove reliable over time. His team tested the service for more than a month before MatrixOneSource selected 8x8 as its new telephony platform.

Still a bit cautious about introducing a new phone technology companywide, Tewey did the first phase of the implementation himself. He began by rolling out 8x8 service to his own IT division. It took just one day.

“We’re a technology company, so 8x8’s technology intrigued me,” he says. “I wanted to make sure it was really that easy to install—and it was!” Tewey’s team then completed the rollout for the rest of the company’s divisions and offices.

“We held a web meeting for the entire company, which was the only phone training required,” notes Tewey. “8x8 is so easy to use that we hardly ever get tickets from our employees.”

High-Touch Service Desk Handles Calls and Voicemail

Another key phase of the rollout involved the company’s integration of 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre into its 24x7 service desk, which sits in Jacksonville and at some client sites. When handling customer contacts, the company prefers a “high touch” approach—and that means talking with customers live.

“Chat is too impersonal for the service levels we want to achieve,” says Tewey. “Our goal is to resolve your problem as efficiently as possible, and to do that we need to talk to you.”

With clients rating the service desk 4.875 out of 5, the high-touch approach clearly works. But Tewey wanted to offer them even more. His team integrated both 8x8 calls and voicemails into the company’s Cherwell ticket system. Now when a customer leaves voicemail, it goes to the service delivery engine, which creates a ticket and assigns it a priority. This enables a callback within minutes, which Tewey calls a “golden app.”

“Clients are really happy when they get served quickly. It’s taken our customer service up another notch.”

To further enhance efficiency, MatrixOneSource uses 8x8 skillsbased routing to match callers with knowledgeable agents. Tewey believes the service desk’s low escalation rate speaks for itself.

“We haven’t had an IT customer leave us yet,” he says.

Find Me, Follow Me and Mobile App Make Employees Easy to Reach

The integration with 8x8 also means that employees are no longer tied to their desks. 8x8’s “find me, follow me” service routes calls to cell phones, home phones, and even vacation homes.

“With 8x8 phone service, clients don’t have to chase us down by calling multiple numbers,” says Tewey. “They can call just one number to find us anywhere.”

And when clients do leave voicemail, 8x8’s email notification feature alerts employees so they can respond quickly.

Another popular phone feature, especially for remote sales people, is the 8x8 mobile app. In the past, sales people often gave out their personal cell phone numbers to clients so they wouldn’t miss their calls. If the sales person subsequently left the company, the client had only a personal contact number instead of a corporate one.

8x8’s mobile app for iOS and Android devices allows sales people to use their smartphones as extensions of their office phones. The smartphone displays the company’s 8x8 caller ID when employees make and take calls, protecting their privacy and ensuring that clients call in using company numbers.

“Getting IT support shouldn’t be hard,” notes Tewey. “8x8 makes it very easy for our clients to reach us whenever they need to.”

Cloud Communications Maintain Business Continuity When Storms Hit

8x8 cloud communications have also become the cornerstone of MatrixOneSource’s disaster recovery strategy. Because the company is based in Florida, hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with. Yet with clients all over the world depending on the company’s BPO and IT support, the phones cannot go down.

“Phones are crucial to us—to have them down for any length of time kills our business,” says Tewey. “Our clients expect great service from us no matter what’s going on in Florida.”

The flexibility of 8x8’s cloud-based service enables MatrixOneSource agents and employees to work anywhere—from home, at another office, or even out of state if necessary.

“Having a cloud provider means I can move my people without missing a beat,” says Tewey. “Even though a storm hits, we won’t let our service levels drop.”

8x8: the Only Vendor Recommended to Clients

While Tewey is passionate about providing outstanding customer service to clients who rely on MatrixOneSource, he recognizes that many other companies fail to fulfill the promises they make. A notable exception is 8x8.

“8x8’s technology is easy, dependable, cost-effective, and can change the world,” he says. “We go out of our way to avoid dealing with some of our other providers because the process is so painful. 8x8 is a breath of fresh air! They look for creative solutions and get back to us before they say they will. They don’t tell us ‘no’ or ‘no we can’t.’”

In fact, 8x8 is the only vendor MatrixOneSource recommends to its own clients.

“8x8’s ability to deliver matches ours and meets our service standards,” explains Tewey. “We’re very cautious about recommending vendors because we don’t want to lose clients. 8x8 provides world-class customer support on par with companies like Disney, American Express and Chick-fil-A. It’s the level of performance we strive to achieve for our own customers.”

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