Beauty brand creator, KMI Brands, revamps their communications to match their stunning new home.

Prestigious new home in the heart of London

For 25 years, KMI has been creating award-winning beauty brands as well as developing existing global brands under license. Its portfolio includes Noughty Haircare, Ted Baker and Orla Kiely.

The company also has trusted relationships with global suppliers, distributors and retailers, such as John Lewis, Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and The Perfume Shop.

But big changes were happening. KMI wanted to expand its UK team and relocate its headquarters from Teddington to Central London. "We found an amazing new office space with a storefront that had the look and feel of a high-end hotel. Now we needed the tech to match," explains KMI's Operations Director, Emma North.

Taking communications to the next level

The company was struggling with its phone system. They needed to be able to transfer calls to the right person more quickly. Staff tended to rely on mobiles but this created its own concerns. "If a person left the company or their mobile got damaged, we'd lose key business contacts," explains Emma North.

KMI discussed its issues with 8x8 partner Cranberry. Action was needed fast.

"KMI wanted a solution before they moved locations — so they had one less thing to think about," says Mark Nelson, Sales Director at Cranberry. "With 8x8's technology being cloud-based, we had the perfect answer in mind," adds Sally Morgan, Cranberry's Operations Manager. After seeing a demo, KMI selected the 8x8 X Series unified communications platform. This provided a single cloud solution for voice, HD video conferencing, messaging, collaboration, call centre capabilities and more. The decision proved a game changer for KMI.

Put simply, 8x8 has elevated how we communicate. We've now got a platform that truly reflects our brand and professionalism.
Emma NorthOperations Director, KMI Brands

It's simple to talk, chat and video conference

With 8x8, KMI's agile team can work more effectively from anywhere—any desk in the office, at home or on the road. Now there's a centralised contacts list of key retailers and suppliers that employees can access and contact via their laptop soft-phones and mobile devices using the 8x8 app.

Communication has improved dramatically. It's now simpler for staff to chat online rather than emailing—and the greater personal contact is helping teams to collaborate better.

KMI is also easier to do business with. If someone misses an incoming call from a partner, then a colleague can pick up and send them an instant message, requesting a swift call-back.

Video conferencing has enriched communications too. KMI's team can talk regularly with Ted Baker and other brands — using large screens in HD — as well as with their own colleagues at the New York office.

Growing fast and reducing costs

With 8x8, KMI can expand effortlessly. In fact, the company is growing its UK team by 15 new employees, an increase of almost 50% within months.

But while provision is increasing, legacy costs are being reduced. The company is cancelling at least half of its mobile contracts with a network provider — because the 8x8 app provides everything that's needed (via wifi or an 8x8 calling plan). This means KMI can save money and increase control.

The cloud-based platform also provides complete business continuity and readiness for KMI, in the event staff need to work from home.

"The X Series has the features and support that's key for us—provided by a partner we like," says Emma North. "The launch was phased successfully and Cranberry provided the quality training our staff needed. Put simply, 8x8 has elevated how we communicate. We've now got a platform that truly reflects our brand and professionalism."

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