Keenan Solicitors

Established in 1997, Keenan Solicitors is a leading claims specialist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With staff regularly working out of the office, it’s important to ensure that they are able to keep in contact with clients and access important information wherever they are. But different mobile and desk phone numbers, as well as an outdated phone system meant this was becoming impossible.

The Challenge

Before moving to a Unified Communications system with 8x8 Solutions, the partners at Keenan Solicitors were experiencing major challenges with customer service, remote working and reliability.

Customer Service

Keenan Solicitors recognised that their customers were lacking a strong customer service experience, with calls being missed when staff were out of the office or not having enough information to handle each call effectively.


As with many legal firms, solicitors are always in and out of the office which means they can struggle to keep in contact with colleagues and clients. By not having an integrated system, employees couldn’t source information from colleagues in real-time or missed vital calls from client’s altogether.


The old PBX system was unreliable, meaning that it was impossible to guarantee Keenan Solicitors would always be connected or that every call would be transferred

The Solution

8x8 Solutions was the answer. It was recommended by Outsource Solutions, a long trusted local partner with proven experience of delivering world class IT managed services to over 400 businesses. With its expert knowledge, Outsource Solutions knew how to solve the ongoing issues Keenan Solicitors was experiencing and streamline their communications. That’s why they advised the solicitors to move from a legacy PBX system to the 8x8 cloud solution, in keeping with the company’s wider IT strategy designed to create greater business continuity and boost productivity.

What’s more, the whole solution was quick and easy to integrate. The whole system was rolled out within just six weeks, and the transition was easy with no disruption. Because the intellect of the phone system and end user configuration were pre-built in the 8x8 solution before reaching the site, the installation time onsite was minimal. Partners could choose which of the Unified Communications productivity and convenience tools they wanted to include and when, meaning the transition happened gradually and on their terms, fully supported by the team at Outsource.

Moving from a legacy PBX system to 8x8 Solutions was a seamless and fast process with the support from Outsource Solutions. The system is very easy to use and the whole company has benefited from better call handling for clients, more accessibility for remote workers and the knowledge that the whole system is reliable. We are very impressed and will be integrating more products from 8x8 Solutions in the near future.
Cormac KeenanFounder, Keenan Solicitors

The Result

Employees now have more flexibility and can work seamlessly from any location with an internet connection, whilst also being able to instantly access important information at any time by messaging colleagues in real-time. This has also allowed Keenan Solicitors be more flexible with office space.

Customer service has vastly improved. With 8x8 Solutions, all client calls are now answered with HD call quality and to improve key client relationships, Keenan Solicitors is now integrating further customer service features such as Web Dialler and Click to Call. As it’s hosted in the cloud, the new solution is also extremely reliable and even if staff can’t get into the office, from a client’s perspective it’s business as usual.

Being able to integrate 8x8 Solutions with monthly payments also means Keenan Solicitors can use the system in a more cost-effective way. The alternative PBX offerings would have cost thousands of pounds to buy and install, whereas Keenan Solicitors has now been able to get the same features without committing to a costly upfront investment, which is ideal for a growing business.

Through continued support from both 8x8 Solutions and Outsource Solutions, all are finding the system incredibly easy to use. They also have the freedom to control the system how they wish and can add users or features simply by ringing the s