8x8 Virtual Contact Center Helps Software Developer Deliver Support Excellence

One of the many revolutionary changes in healthcare over the past few years has been the transition from paper-based patient charts to electronic health records (EHR). Founded in 2002 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Bizmatics, Inc. has been at the forefront of this transformation. Bizmatics is the developer of PrognoCIS, a fully integrated EHR and practice management solution that provides access to patient records, enables physicians to digitally write and route medication prescriptions, manages the medical billing cycle, and includes a self-service portal for patients.

Product Line Diversity Created a Customer Support Challenge

Because of their dedication to serving niche markets within the healthcare industry, the PrognoCIS software suite comes in 26 variations. This level of customization allows almost any medical practice—whether general or specialty—to store and capture patient data quickly and easily.

But once PrognoCIS delivered this innovative EHR solution and additional related services to market, it soon faced another challenge: how to effectively support a growing customer base with diverse medical practices. The traditional on-premises PBXs the company was then using didn’t have the features or capacity to support efficient contact center operations.

“There were a lot of limitations with our traditional PBXs,” says Andrey Ostashko, director of customer service for PrognoCIS. “We have three separate customer support centers and couldn’t track calls routed between them because information was lost in the transfer.” 8x8 easily provided interoperability between phone systems and the call center, to deliver the actionable data needed to improve customer service.

Caller Feedback Drives Decision to Replace Infrastructure

The various entry points into the contact centers made it hard to understand key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customer support. The lack of flexibility in the previous phone system made it difficult to manage queues and agents. And even when system improvements could be identified for change, Bizmatics would have to pay their third-party provider to make these changes. And most critically, customers were not having a good experience when they called.

“In the end, customer feedback was the primary driver,” recalls James Metzger, marketing director for PrognoCIS. “Our installed base had grown to the point where replacing our infrastructure became a necessity, not a choice.”

We operate in a high-touch industry that requires effective routing and handling of support calls. 8x8 has given us the tools and the data to make intelligent decisions about where to invest our resources so we can effectively support our customer base and sustain long-term growth.
James MetzgerDirector of Marketing, Bizmatics, Inc.

8x8 Leads on Features, Flexibility, HIPAA and Cost

A move to a cloud solution was a natural choice because Bizmatics delivers its own PrognoCIS software suite via the cloud. A move to 8x8 was also an obvious choice because Ostashko had successfully implemented 8x8 contact centers while working for a previous employer.

“It was a sensible leap for us,” says Ostashko. “We’re a cloud provider ourselves, so we understood the flexibility that a virtual contact center would bring us. Plus, I had validated 8x8’s contact center technology at a previous company, so they were the front runner from the beginning.”

Before making a decision, however, management did a thorough analysis and compared a number of leading cloudbased contact center solutions, including RingCentral, Five9 and Angel. The main selection criteria were feature richness, flexibility, HIPAA compliance and cost. At the end of the comparison, 8x8 was still the front runner on all three counts.

Successful Pilot Validates 8x8’s Solution

In early 2015, Ostashko worked with the 8x8 account team to run a pilot so the company could further test the capabilities of the virtual contact center before making a final decision. The pilot was highly successful, leaving no doubt that Bizmatics had found the right cloud-based solution.

“8x8 put significant resources behind it,” says Ostashko of the pilot. “It wasn’t just the contact center technology—8x8 provided expert guidance and advice to ensure that the contact center would work for our diverse and demanding customer base.”

The successful 8x8 pilot also made the transition to production much easier for the Bizmatics team. In August 2015, the new customer support contact center went live, with full deployment of voice and chat services. Shortly after, Bizmatics opened a second contact center for revenue cycle management (billing). And, since the 8x8 platform is interoperable with the existing hardware, no additional equipment purchases needed for this powerful upgrade solution.

Immediate, Easy Changes Transform Customer Experience

An immediate benefit of the new 8x8 Virtual Contact Center has been a much improved customer experience. Metzger and Ostashko both point to 8x8’s flexible, web-based system administration capabilities as a key factor in that improvement.

“Before, we had to rely on a third party and could not adjust the contact center to our business processes,” says Metzger. “With 8x8, we can configure the contact center ourselves, and the changes take effect immediately. That flexibility allows us to handle calls efficiently from end to end.”

Ostashko notes that centralized queue management and direct access routing also make it easier for customers to reach the right agent with the right skill set to assist them.

Better Call Tracking and Reporting Help with More Efficient Staffing

“Our PrognoCIS software is a complex suite with multiple interfaces to partners and customers,” he says. “8x8’s API enables granular call tracking that gives us better metrics. Even in our challenging environment, we can now see when we need more people, and staff our contact center accordingly.”

8x8’s management tools have increased agent productivity as well. Supervisors use 8x8 call recording and real-time monitoring to coach individual agents and evaluate their performance. The 8x8 wallboard gives managers an instant snapshot of the entire contact center, so they can see how many callers are waiting and which agents are available—and then make appropriate adjustments to the queue.

Increased Customer Retention Boosts ROI and Growth

One of PrognoCIS’ mission-critical expectations in deploying a stateof-the-art, cloud-based contact center is to drive customer retention and brand recognition through support excellence. Metzger sees this as a long-term investment for the company—one that he believes will yield significant ROI.

“We operate in a high-touch industry that requires effective routing and handling of support calls,” he explains. “8x8 has given us the tools and the data to make intelligent decisions about where to invest our resources so we can effectively support our customer base and sustain long-term growth.”

Fine-Tuning the Future with CRM Integration

Impressed with the granular call tracking enabled by 8x8’s API, Ostashko and his team are now planning to integrate the virtual contact center with SugarCRM to further enhance call handling.

“There are more improvements we can make by matching calls with cases,” says Ostashko. “CRM integration will give our agents better call-handling capabilities, which will translate into an even better experience for customers. We plan to partner with 8x8 to make that happen.”

Both Metzger and Ostashko feel confident in building out the company’s 8x8 contact centers as the company expands. In Metzger’s words, 8x8’s technology and support have been “rock solid”. The transitions from pre-sales, to pilot, to production have all gone very smoothly,” he notes. “Working with 8x8 has been a positive experience for us, and the virtual contact center has had an immediate and meaningful impact on our company.”

Ostashko agrees. “The 8x8 sales team really listened to our business needs and gave us valuable suggestions and feedback. We had lots of flexibility in our choices, and were able to configure the contact center quickly. Because of 8x8, we got the cloud solution we needed.”

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