Bailey International Improves Customer Service in Its Contact Centers

Bailey International, a leading manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic components used in agriculture, transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, and forestry, wanted to improve call center service and disaster preparedness, streamline work processes, reduce call center costs, and support company growth. After integrating 8x8 Virtual Contact Center with NetSuite, the company reduced call answer times by 10-15% and call abandonment rates by 60-70%—all while minimizing telephony costs!

Bailey’s management has worked diligently to enhance operations and grow the company. They wanted a new cloud-based contact center solution that would allow staff to instantly access customer data stored in NetSuite to streamline call center workflows, improve customer service, reduce telephony costs, and support company growth.

The combined 8x8 Virtual Contact Center and Virtual Office solution was chosen because it offers a full complement of sophisticated call center and unified communications features, such as fax numbers and conferencing. Since 8x8’s integrated solutions run in the cloud, they reduce IT workloads and costs while enabling employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world to deliver a superior customer experience—even during storms and other natural disasters.

NetSuite, on the other hand, improves company operations by automating business processes, providing powerful reporting, disaster recovery and low TCO. By integrating 8x8 Virtual Contact Center with NetSuite, Bailey was able to streamline call center and IT operations, provide call data to optimize operations, and simplify company expansion.

A Full-Featured, Low-Cost, Turnkey Solution

8x8’s seamless integration with NetSuite gives call center staff visibility into the customer and their orders. Because it runs in the cloud, the solution reduces IT workloads and costs. To top it all off, 8x8 offers a cost-effective, turnkey communications solution from a single vendor so it can address any issues seamlessly and efficiently.

Streamlined Call Center Processes Improve Efficiency

Today, when a call comes in, 8x8 Virtual Contact Center uses the incoming phone number to automatically pull the customer’s record in NetSuite and routes the call and record to a call center representative. Bailey International representatives know who’s on the line and their history with the company.

With a better understanding of organic growth in the call center overall and in the departments that agents refer calls to, such as technical support, we've been able to staff each department more efficiently based on actual demand.
Jeremy HallSystems Analyst, Bailey International

Increased Visibility Enhances Customer Service

8x8 also improves Bailey’s visibility into call center activities. As representatives handle calls, NetSuite records data and metrics about the call including the caller’s phone number, time on hold, the agent, when the call began and ended, and notes. 8x8’s sophisticated reporting enables Bailey to analyze this call information to enhance customer service.

In addition, call volume reporting gives the company visibility into which department’s agents are referring calls to. “This information has allowed us to staff each department based on actual demand,” says Hall.

Abandoned Call Rate Drops 60-70%

After discovering a high call abandon rate, the company looked at the metrics provided by 8x8 and NetSuite, such as how long calls were in the queue and when customers dropped off. “With that visibility,” says Jeremy Hall, systems analyst for Bailey International, “we made changes that reduced call answer times by 15% and lowered call abandonment by approximately 60-70%.”

Intelligent Call Routing and Hosted Phone Service Minimize Costs

8x8’s combined Virtual Contact Center and Virtual Office solution helps Bailey minimize costs in two key areas.

First, 8x8 Virtual Contact Center intelligently routes multichannel communications. This enables customers to use the most efficient channel, improving the overall customer experience and increasing agent productivity.

Second, 8x8 Virtual Office reduces telephony costs by 10–15%. And with a cloud-based system, Bailey’s IT department no longer needs to install, manage and support on-premises equipment.

Scalability Supports Company Growth

As Bailey scales over time, its growth process will also be simplified. For example, if Bailey acquires a company, it can now add it to the 8x8 telephony platform within three to four weeks and then manage the phones from a centralized location. Employees in all locations can call each other using the same four-digit extension or paging system. Hall notes that, “Communication between all of our teams is now much smoother.”

Cloud-based Services Improve Business Continuity

Cloud-based operations have also improved Bailey’s disaster preparedness. When blizzard conditions kept call center staff out of the office, they simply logged into the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center and NetSuite from home and took the same volume of calls as usual. The company’s seamless business continuity enabled seamless customer service despite the winter storm.

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