AssuredPartners London trusts 8x8 to deliver high-quality communications that clients can count on

AssuredPartners London is an insurance broker specializing in professional liability for a variety of sectors, including asset management, legal, architects and engineers, medical and cyber liability.

To maintain the high level of service its clients expect, the company needs a robust communications system that delivers high quality and reliability. That’s why AssuredPartners London has trusted cloud-based 8x8 Virtual Office to run its communications for the past eight years.

Outstanding call quality and reliability

At the top of the company’s list of communications requirements is a future-proof system that consistently provides high call quality and reliability. 8x8 Virtual Office provides all three. AssuredPartners London rarely experiences dropped calls and the 8x8 Virtual Office system has a track record for achieving 99.997% uptime.

Remote access from any location or device

Key to the company’s success is how quickly it can respond to and service its customers. Because 8x8 Virtual Office is hosted in the cloud instead of on premises, all 33 employees can work remotely from any location as long as they have an Internet connection. With 8x8’s unified communications and mobile app, employees can also quickly and easily answer calls on any device—desktop, smartphone or tablet—as well as transfer them across devices during a call, which is vital to daily business. Many brokers are out of the office for much of the day, either visiting clients or on business trips, so the ability to communicate remotely without having to rely on call forwarding keeps the business running smoothly.

8x8 was the obvious choice when we decided to transition to a cloud-based system because of their reputation for a high quality and reliable product. Their continued support over the years means we've never doubted this decision. Their commitment to customer service and support has always been second to none. This was especially clear when we upgraded to the latest system, which was seamless. Our clients expect the very best service from us and I know with 8x8 that we’ll be able to continue to deliver this.
Sean GoughChief Operating Officer, AssuredPartners London

Seamless upgrades for a future-proof system

8x8 is constantly developing new features and technology and AssuredPartners London has benefited from these system upgrades without any disruption to its operations. During the latest platform upgrade, the 8x8 team was on hand to support the deployment at every stage, with skilled engineers installing it promptly. In fact, the upgrade was completed within seconds when the existing handset was unplugged and the new one was installed!

Cloud-based Virtual Office also offers considerable savings on call costs compared to an on-premises hardware solution—another key advantage of choosing 8x8.

8x8 Virtual Office includes so many new and existing communications and collaboration features that AssuredPartners London will offer ongoing training to its entire organization to ensure everyone is aware of them all and getting the most from them. It also plans to roll out additional features such as videoconferencing, call recording and instant messaging to the team.

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