Considering Cloud Based Call Center Solutions

You might hear it called a virtual call center, a hosted call center, or a cloud-based call center. No matter what you call it, it’s a way to more efficiently handle customer interactions while cutting costs.

A cloud-based call center cuts down on telephone connection charges by handling calls in the cloud instead of through your local phone lines. This allows you to have fewer phone lines and eliminate most costly overseas or long-distance charges. It also provides nearly unlimited scalability for handling peak demand. In a typical on-premise call center, you might wait weeks or months to add phone lines. Since cloud-based call centers eliminate the cost of adding phone lines and equipment, you can scale up immediately.

In addition, you will know exactly what you will pay each month making it easier to budget.

Cloud call centers can ignore geography and location. Because calls queue in the cloud, they can be routed to the right individual regardless of where they are. This can eliminate the need for specialists in every location and improve your average call resolution times. Calls can even be handled from home.

Advantages of Cloud Based Call Center Solutions

Moving call center operations to the cloud means there’s no hardware to buy or software to install. You can easily save 50 percent or more of what you would pay in a capital purchase. This means faster ROI for your business while providing superior customer service. 

It can help improve efficiency which also saves you money. In any call center, your biggest cost will be for personnel. Recruiting, hiring, staffing, and training can eat up as much as 75 percent of your budget. Efficient cloud-based call center solutions make information accessible to all agents in one place cutting down on the time it takes to handle calls. 

With training tools to help accelerate learning and tracking against key performance indicators (KPIs), your staff will be better trained and more efficient. This can help managers recognize performance problems for agents as well as diagnose bottlenecks or places where teams need more training.

If you use popular CRM software such as SalesforceNetsuiteZenDesk, or Microsoft Dynamics, your virtual call center can integrate the information. This allows agents to see customer histories before they begin the interaction. That leads to more satisfying exchange and builds custom loyalty. It also gives your agents the ability to cross-sell and upsell.

What To Look For In Cloud Based Call Center Solutions

Most companies deal with a large number of different communications vendors in their contact centers. You want a vendor that can eliminate that patchwork and bring everything together into one place, providing workforce optimization, advanced business phone and collaboration services, and unified communications.

When comparing global call center solutions, make sure it is omnichannel and can work across any communication channel your customers prefer. It has to seamlessly integrate with your CRM to make information available across channels, agents, and locations.

In addition, you want call center solutions that provide the following features:

  • Easy to manage consoles to empower agents to manage customer interactions
  • Contact center analysis for agent performance and contact center operations
  • Quality management tools to provide targeted training and coaching
  • Workforce management tools that allow for scheduling, forecasting, and reporting
  • Agent supervisor tools to track metrics and goals
  • Multiple locations throughout the world with automatic routing to decrease wait time and call lag
  • High levels of security and compliance standards across industries
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery solutions

In addition, your global call center solutions should include these features, including queued callback, post-call surveys, internal chat for agents, FAQ knowledge base, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Is A Cloud Based Call Center Right For Me?

Cloud based call centers can provide a significantly better total cost of ownership. It can help you reduce hardware and phone line costs while providing a fixed budget. At the same time, it can increase your efficiency by maximizing staff utilization and can scale more quickly. 

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