In daily customer conversations, we tell a better-together story when it comes to 8x8 Work and Microsoft Teams. Teams comes up a lot, like in almost every initial conversation with a large organization, according to one 8x8 insider. Providing a customer the best experience means figuring out how to give them the best of both worlds.

For example, we know, generally, IT admins like Teams, but they are also very interested in advanced reporting capabilities like device reports, sentiment and keyboard analysis. Many also want better global telephony capabilities. So pick your favorite duo: peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs or summer time and ice cream. Teams and 8x8 Work are that kind of match meaning that Teams is an essential component of Operate from Anywhere.

Microsoft Teams and 8x8 Work: They Go Together Hand in Hand

This is all prologue to introduce chapter three of our New Digital Workplace Essentials series titled, Microsoft Teams integration changes the game. In it, we go deeper about 8x8 Voice for Teams and the connection it has with an open platform.

With Teams being a trending technology (click to get our top UCaaS trends report), you will find we talk about it a lot. It was brought up on our last earnings call, we have a Webinar coming up about it, and it even has its own 8x8 eBook. This is not to cede anything about 8x8 Work. Our engineering team recently did a proof of concept for a company with roughly 9,000 seats across a dozen countries. The initial focus centered on Teams. In the end, the customer came to the conclusion that 8x8 Work’s communications capabilities were a better fit. But, we introduced our Open Communications Platform last year. Openness and integrations, not just around Teams and 8x8 Work, but for business applications like Salesforce and ServiceNow are central to 8x8’s ethos. In other words, better together.

The aforementioned Webinar is available here. We keep our Webinars short but packed with knowledge, kind of like a workout that gives you abs in only 30 minutes a day. If you have any interest in Teams, you will not want to miss this one. Two of our top engineers will be giving insights, spilling the tea as the kids say, from their real customer engagements. They will be joined by the head of collaboration solutions at Softcat, a leading provider of technology solutions and services, based in the United Kingdom.