Conferencing call video enables communication that can almost, if not actually, replace in-person meetings. Businesses can use this technology to teach classes, train employees, host meetings, and more.

It's a great way to share information, cut travel costs, and communicate in ways that require visual interaction. In this article, you can read more about what conference call video has to offer and how your organization can get started. 

Understanding Conference Call Videos

Conference call videos enable businesses to communicate with each other via video and audio. Thanks to video conferencing, businesses can share information, provide training, and host meetings.

Video conferencing has a variety of business benefits and can be implemented quickly so you can start taking advantage of this technology. 

How Do Conference Call Videos Work? 

Conference call videos rely on UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) software to send video and audio between software users. Typically, this service is bundled with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and serves as part of a business communications system. Since UCaaS systems use the Internet for sending communications, they are highly portable and can be used by a variety of different devices. 

To use video conferencing, businesses typically need:

  • Computers or other devices. A computer can send and receive video transmissions, as can smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. Each party participating in the conversation needs a device for a typical setup. 
  • Audio equipment. High-quality speakers and microphones are enormously helpful and serve as part of the video conferencing call experience. 
  • Video equipment. Cameras, video screens, or related equipment are needed for each participant or group. 
  • Internet connection. A way to get online is essential, since the data has to be sent and received somehow. Fast, high bandwidth connections are necessary because video consumes a lot of bandwidth. You may need dedicated bandwidth or a dedicated connection for the effort. 
  • Location. A space to hold the conference for each group or participant. This may just be an office or desk, but it could also be a dedicated conference room set aside for the purpose of video conferencing. 
  • Software. Some type of software to serve as the video conferencing client is needed, too, to allow you to interface with the servers used online to transmit communications. 

As needed, you may want to use other equipment and you may need more software, depending on your goals and the nature of the video conference. If, for instance, you're running analytics and collecting data on the conference, then you may need additional applications that run simultaneously. 

What Other Communications Does UCaaS Offer? 

UCaaS has a lot to offer, such as: 

  • Text. Communicate via text internally with your team or externally with customers. 
  • Phone. VoIP phone service is a key part of your UCaaS. 
  • Contact center software. You can get everything you need to run a call center, which can help enormously with running your business if you need to handle large call and contact volumes. 
  • Chat. Instant messaging and chat are a popular way to communicate with website visitors and interact internally with coworkers. 
  • Social media. Social media communications are a huge part of many what many businesses are doing today to reach new customers and interact with existing clientele. 

Your UCaaS has a lot to offer if you're looking for a flexible, multi-purpose business communications system. If you're looking for the right UCaaS, think carefully about what you need to do with your communications and make a wish-list you can take with you as you compare different VoIP vendors. 

Getting Started with Conference Call Video

Conference call video can help your organization replace meetings, offer classes, train new employees, and more. Video conferencing doesn't necessarily require a lot of special equipment---all you need for a basic call is your computer and a video conferencing service. UCaaS has a lot to offer for businesses looking for more ways to communicate more effectively. Social media, chat, phone, text, and video conferencing features make UCaaS a solid investment for many businesses. 

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing. Call 1-888-913-3561 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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