Additional Features


Co-browsing allows agents to assist customers remotely via a shared browser.

Customer Co-browse Requests

Customers can request a remote session by selecting to co-browse during a chat with an agent. Or if they are chatting with an agent over the phone they can generate a code through a button on the company’s website.

Agent Co-browse Requests

An agent can initiate a co-browse session through the chat interaction menu in Agent Console. Simply select “Invite for co-browsing.”

Agents who receive a code from a customer over the phone can open the co-browse window from their control panel menu

Co-browsing Modes

System administrators can configure co-browse in one of three ways. Full control allows agents to have full control on the customer’s browser session. Partial-control allows agents to highlight and control the browser navigation, but agents do not have privileges to fill any forms on the co-browse page. No-control is a view only mode. Agents can observe customer’s navigation, highlight, and offer guidance.


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