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Virtual Office Analytics

Real-time analytics to make better decisions, plus all the features, reliability and mobility you expect.

Virtual Office Analytics

A robust suite of web based tools that provide enterprise-level analytics that can be used to make highly informed business decisions. This suite of services delivers easy to use, customizable and rapid insights into the historical and real-time information associated with all extensions and devices in an organization’s Virtual Office phone system.

Virtual Office Analytics Suite


Comprehensive set of unique dashboards and reporting options for all extensions in an organization’s 8x8 cloud PBX.

  • Extension Summary
  • Call Detail Records
  • Active Calls
  • Unreturned Calls
  • Calls by DID


A real-time view of all call activity for selected call queues or ring groups within the 8x8 cloud PBX. Get comprehensive call center-like reporting in a single dashboard view, available on any device.

  • Agent performance
  • Queue status and performance

Service Quality

Real-time information about three important aspects of your 8x8 hosted PBX service:

  • Status of all endpoint devices
  • Individual call and MOS score detail
  • Extension summary graphing

Adventures with Analytics

Watch these three quirky 88-second videos for a fun and memorable overview of each Virtual Office Analytics service offering!

Actionable, enterprise-quality insights

Improve enterprise decision making by providing fast answers about internal and external call activity, real-time call queue status, call quality, and individual end-point device status around the globe.

8x8 Virtual Office Analytics provide deeply-layered details and intelligence to improve employee performance, sales campaigns, customer experience management and offer greater insight into staffing requirements. Gain additional control with the added capability to manage and monitor call quality and distributed work groups, and their endpoint devices.

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