Permission and Login

The first step is for System Admins to set your user permissions. Once configured, users may login from the 8x8 unified login page.

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Navigation and Terminology


Learn about basic terminology and navigation to help you start analyzing data and running reports.

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Call Reporting

Company Summary
The Company Summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of usage of your business phone system. Using these metrics, you can analyze the inbound and outbound traffic pattern and adjust your business hours to serve your customers.

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Extension Summary
This report provides a detailed summary of call activity for any extension. Using this report, you can track the number of answered, abandoned, and missed calls for each extension in the PBX.

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Call Detail Records
The Call Detail Records provides historical information about all (inbound and outbound) calls processed in the time frame the user selects.

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Active Calls Report

The Active calls report provides a real-time list of calls that are currently active across the company, which is useful for call queue supervisors, managers and agents.

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Unreturned Calls Report

Unreturned Calls shows a list of numbers that called into your 8x8 phone system and were not answered.

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Calls by DID Report

The Calls by DID report tracks incoming call activity to phone numbers. Users are able to see how many calls each of the phone numbers receive, and it’s helpful for a variety of purposes.

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Employee Report

The Employee Report is an excellent tool for administrators or managers to quickly view the 8x8 Work Status of users in their phone system at a glance.

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Schedule Report

You can schedule reports and receive them via email daily, weekly, or monthly. To schedule or access reports, click on your name in the upper right corner of your browser window. Then select Schedule Reports.
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Supervisor Only

Queue Board
This report provides real-time and historical metrics for a call queue such as number of agents waiting to serve the queue, number of calls waiting in the queue, waiting time, number of calls answered so far, and more. This provides a snapshot of critical stats for a queue.
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Queue Listing
Select this option for a quick view of critical metrics for all call queues in the PBX. Select the desired queue for additional stats.
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Queue Detail
The queue detail report provides additional insight about the current status of agents assigned to the queue, breakdown of talk time, number of answered calls, abandoned calls for each agent. With just a click, you can check out the active calls and calls in the queue.
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Queue Call Data
This report captures call details of all calls processed by queues. You can pull these metrics for a desired time period. From the Settings, click Select Dates and select a data range.
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Ring Group

The Ring Group Dashboard provides a real-time view of all call activity in any designated Ring Group. Using these stats, you can monitor performance of agents assigned to the ring group. This report presents call details of all calls processed by ring groups. You can view all attempted calls or filter to view only the answered calls.
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Call Quality

Call Quality Trend
This report captures call quality of all calls in the PBX over several days or months so the changes in call quality can be tracked.
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Call Quality Detail
The Call Quality reports offer individual call and consolidated quality score detail in graphical format and granular detail for trouble analysis and resolution.
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Device Report

Using this report, you can track devices and employee usage. You can identify network service issues such as those affecting your team during a big storm. The status of devices connected to the network is shown in real time including a geo view of each phone location. It helps you to understand and manage any service disruption before it severely impact the performance.
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