The Scope of Help Desk Services

IT help desk services allow users to get the help they need for their computer problems. Thanks to qualified technicians, users can get help setting up their accounts, managing their systems, and installing everything they need.

In this article, you can read more about how help desk services work and how organizations use software to help technicians get their work done.

What are Help Desk Services?

Help desk services, in an IT context, are personal help with computers, technical support and computer-related challenges from professional help desk technicians. Thanks to help desk services, computer systems that users rely on for their jobs, professional obligations, and school work can be repaired and kept in good working order.

There are a variety of different services offered by help desks, such as:

  • Software installation: Help desk technicians install and help users become accustomed to new software. They can also assist with account creation and configuring the settings.
  • Account management: IT services often maintain the accounts and user access privileges for software users, too. Whenever new users need access or access expires for users, it is the IT help desk's responsibility to keep everything working.
  • Incident response: Sometimes, the IT help desk is also responsible for responding to virus and hacking incidents that happen on the computer network---whether or not they happen to user computers.
  • Troubleshooting: One of the main responsibilities of the help desk is troubleshooting. If something happens to a user's computer or to their software, help desk troubleshooting can enable the users to get the support and assistance they need to return everything to the right functioning again.
  • General help: Any time users are confused or frustrated by computers, the IT help desk is there to offer support and guidance.

Help desks serve a variety of functions, so technicians must be fairly flexible. Help desk apprenticeships teach technicians to be prepared for a wide range of different scenarios and possibilities, which is helpful because almost anything can happen in a typical work day.

How Do Help Desk Services Work?

Help Desk Services provide assistance whenever users need it. They may call, send emails, or use chat to request IT help desk support. Technicians need to be able to communicate with users through a variety of different means and systems. Having the right communications technology makes this easier to do.

Once users file a request, it's generally assigned a support ticket number and organized alongside other requests for help to ensure that each request is responded to in a timely and responsive manner. After the ticket goes into the system, technicians can see it and respond or even choose to go in-person if the request requires it.

What Software Do Help Desk Services Use?

Software used by help desk services may vary tremendously. No two help desks are alike, so they also rely on different software to get their work done, too.

Here are a few different software systems used by IT help desks:

  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service): UCaaS systems allow technicians to communicate with one another and with customers. Without close communication, many IT help activities are hard to do. Technicians need to be able to ask additional questions, provide suggestions, and offer added support even when they aren't physically in the same room or building.
  • CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service): In a similar vein, CCaaS systems can help IT help desks continually operate call centers. This may be the primary way technicians communicate with users.
  • Tech support portal: Technicians may rely on a support portal where they can review tickets, consider requests, and respond as needed.
  • Incident response: Through incident response software, technicians can manage and respond to virus infections, network disruptions, and other incidents that happen on the network. They may also use software to help them remotely access user computers and reboot computers, if needed.

With the software necessary to run a help desk successfully, technicians can get all of their work done efficiently and connect with users, as needed.

Getting Started with Help Desk Services

IT help desks allow users to get the help they need from computer technicians who are familiar with how the organization's systems work. Service technicians and people working during their help desk apprenticeships can fix computer problems and provide guidance to users, as needed.

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