Businesses of all sizes realize the benefits of video conferencing for productivity and enhanced collaboration. Video adds faces to presentations, creating connections with customers and allowing workers to collaborate as if they were in the same room. For video conferencing to be most effective, however, some organizations find a dedicated video conference room to be beneficial.

A video conference room can help create a rich conference experience that takes a video call beyond the limitations of a laptop or web camera. Most computers have a small camera with limited features. The camera captures the user's face. In a large meeting, with many participants, the experience can be less than ideal. A dedicated video conference room, however, creates a more professional experience that allows for zooming into speakers and panning the room for reactions and questions.

The Benefits of Video Presentations

Whether the content or presentation is for sales, training or collaboration, video energizes material with a face-to-face experience. When done right, video conferencing is just like being in the room with the other participants, and it may even potentially be better. Top of the line video conferencing systems allow for integration with customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and virtual contact center solutions so that customer information can be more readily accessed and used as part of the presentation process.

Video also can cut costs associated with business meetings. Travel expenses can become cost-prohibitive in some organizations, resulting in fewer in-person meetings. With the right video conferencing solution, however, employees from one side of the world can easily collaborate with distant co-workers. Effective video conferencing can also increase your company's sales footprint. Rather than dispatching sales agents across the country for presentations, many initial and intermediary presentations can be done remotely. Customers aren't clamoring for in-person meetings; they crave convenience and information. If your video presentation provides both, they are likely to be just as satisfied as if you met with them in person. 

One of the biggest benefits of video, however, is how it helps businesses cut to the chase and schedule meetings. In-person meetings can be difficult to coordinate. Travel schedules must line up, and there can be frequent last-minute changes. Video conferencing helps enable meetings quickly and efficiently. If a meeting needs to be scrapped, it can easily be rescheduled for another time with the flexibility of video presentation.

Creating a Professional Atmosphere with a Video Conference Room

How can a business take video presentations to the next level of productivity and impact? With a dedicated video conference room, video content can be highly-interactive and presentations can utilize more members of a team. For example, a sales presentation may involve several employees. If each were simply sitting at their individual computers, or crammed around one webcam for the presentation, it's easy to see how the presentation would be less than ideal. Speakers may talk over each other, and the video audience may end up getting lost in the commotion. A video conference room, with the right video conference tools, can create meetings that rival in-person presentations.

One tool that can help bring rich content to meetings is a 360-degree smart camera. This technology can turn a room full of presenters into an orchestrated and clear voice. Manufacturers such as Polycom and Owllabs sell multi-directional cameras that intelligently capture speakers and create a rich experience for both collaboration and sales. Beyond cameras, however, a system is necessary for creating a seamless experience.

8x8's video conferencing solutions as part of its Unified Communications and Virtual Office Systems help businesses take their video conference room to the next level of productivity and efficiency. While new cameras can add an intelligent layer to the presentation, Virtual Office helps integrate other forms of information into the process. 8x8 Meetings is the most integrated video and audio conferencing. It allows for instant screen sharing, clear voice and video, and multi-device collaboration. With 8x8, companies can fully leverage their video conference room technology. Rich meetings require consolidation and ease of use. 8x8 offers a simple interface for employees, with one click ability to move from call to chat to video. Along the way, nothing is lost, so customer experience remains consistent.

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing. Call 1-833-926-1162 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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