How to Make a Conference Call Using VoIP

Many organizations have employees, partners, and customers from all over the world, and conference calls—or virtual meetings—have become an indispensable way to facilitate seamless team collaboration and customer communication.

The conference call function is available through most business phone systems. While conference calling on traditional phone services can be costly, it's cost-effective when conducted over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platforms.

You can set up conference calls by using both "hardware" (i.e., a VoIP phone) or "softphone" (e.g., via a desktop or smartphone app). Here's how to set up a conference call:

How to Make a Conference Call From a VoIP Phone

Making a conference call from a VoIP phone requires access to the hardware with the right features. If you have the hardware, the rest is pretty easy:

  1. Start your conference call by calling one participant
  2. Once you're connected to the first participant, press the "Confirm" button to add another party to the call
  3. Dial the number for the second participant
  4. After the second participant is connected, press the "Confirm" button to add the third
  5. Repeat the process to add all the participants
  6. To invite a current caller to join the call, select the caller on the line and press "join"
  7. To place a conference call on hold, press the "hold" key
  8. To remove a participant from a conference call, scroll to the caller on the conference list and press "remove"
  9. To remove yourself from the conference call, press the "end call" key. The other participants will remain on the call.

How to Set Up a Conference Call From a Cloud-Based VoIP System

You can set up a conference call from anywhere with an internet connection using a desktop or smartphone app and a cloud-based VoIP platform. No hardware is required, and you can set up the call in just a few clicks:

  1. Launch or schedule a meeting by clicking the "Meeting" icon
  2. Name the meeting and select "Meet Now" to start the conference call or "Create Meeting" to schedule it in the future
  3. Include additional information about the meeting in the "Meeting Info" section
  4. Invite participants within your organization by clicking on the "Add Participant" icon
  5. Provide the dial-in number and meeting ID, which can be found under the "Information" icon, to external users
  6. Alternatively, send external users an email invite by clicking on the "Invite Participant" icon. They can also access the meeting via desktop by using a specific URL and entering the meeting ID on a web browser.
  7. Use screen sharing, chat or recording functions to facilitate communication and collaboration

Make Your Meetings Better with VoIP Today

It's easy and cost-efficient to set up a conference call using a cloud-based VoIP system. Not only can you leverage the many features not available to VoIP phones like screen sharing, chat, and file sharing, but you can also consolidate your communication needs to one secure platform that streamlines your workflow.

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