Are You Ready for Cloud Communications?

One Cloud Communications Platform

Are You Ready to Move Your Communication and Collaboration Systems to the Cloud?

Now that the ‘Cloud resistance is futile’ phase is behind us, there is a greater understanding and awareness of the benefits of cloud hosted services. This has also ushered in a significant change in the mandate of an IT leader, whose role is becoming more digital and innovation focused. It is no longer about keeping the lights on just enough to run mission-critical processes; IT leaders are now tasked with driving business innovation. In order to succeed and find the right balance between business innovation and operational excellence, having the right technology and a set of tools is vital.

According to a recent 2018 study by International Data Group, one-third of the respondents shared that the IT department feels pressure to migrate 100% to the cloud. The study also found that 73% of organizations are already using some form of cloud technology, and 17% have plans to do so within the next 12 months. This shift has been mainly driven by an improved speed of IT service delivery, lower total cost of ownership, greater flexibility in reacting to changing marketing conditions and better business continuity as well as an interest in mobility and collaboration.

According to a study by International Data Corporation (IDC), businesses are increasingly interested in cloud-based voice/unified communications and collaboration offerings. Their primary goals are the following:

  • Improving business processes (43.4%)
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership (42.2%)
  • Providing access for mobile and remote employees (38.9%)

As the cloud communication market continues to gain momentum, there has been an influx of a wide range of point solutions, each catering to one specific need. For example, if you are looking for a cloud telephony solution, you can choose among solutions from Nextiva, Jive or Dialpad, to name a few. Similarly, for messaging, there is Slack, Teams, Workplace by Facebook and more. For video conferencing, there is Zoom, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting and more. What you end up with is a hotchpotch of several different applications, not to mention having to deal with multiple vendors to meet your communication needs. What could go wrong?

Having multiple disparate applications inadvertently leads to fragmented data silos. If you wanted to extract some form of tangible business insights from isolated systems, it will be a tedious, slow and error-prone process.

The question that then arises is: How do we break down the walls of siloed applications?

The answer is straightforward—a single cloud platform that integrates the core features and functionalities of cloud voice, messaging, video conferencing and team collaboration to provide a unified user experience. By having an integrated solution, you avoid the hassles that are typical when trying to cobble together multiple point solutions.

Benefits to the IT team:

  • Easier to maintain and manage security across all applications and devices, along with not having to govern shadow IT applications that pose an unsecured risk
  • Greater flexibility in deployment and providing a consistent experience across multiple global locations
  • Ability to focus on more strategic projects and digital business initiatives instead of constantly having to deal with mundane activities

Benefits to the end-user:

  • A consistent user experience across solutions without having to navigate through different user interfaces,  which typically results in app fatigue
  • Avoid frustration related to learning and using a new application, resulting in a significant drop in productivity
  • Enhance overall user experience from a business solution that mirrors the ease of use and experience that one is accustomed to with consumer technology

8x8’s X Series is your next generation communication solution that transforms your employee and customer experience. Say goodbye to outdated telephony and a patchwork of applications. X Series brings everything you need for modern communications together, lowering your TCO, simplifying your user experience and giving you deep business insights. Here are just some of the benefits of using 8x8’s X Series:  

  • Cloud-based voice, video conferencing, messaging and meetings with one simple interface
  • Business analytics powered by artificial intelligence
  • Management tools to dramatically improve the customer experience

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In the next blog post, we will discuss how having one cloud platform is a key step towards data readiness and making your business ready for artificial intelligence. Stay tuned.

Susmita Dey


Susmita Dey is a member of the Product and Solution Marketing team at 8x8. In her role, she works closely with product and sales to define and communicate value of 8x8 solutions to customers. When she isn't working at the San Jose headquarters she is hiking the local trails. [...] Read More >