Wondering how to call China from the US? The process is simple. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to make international calls to China.

Calling China from the US

There are a few things you need to consider before you call China from the US:

  • Are you calling a Chinese cell phone or landline?
  • The area code of the place you’re calling in China
  • The cost of the call

How to call China from the US

Follow these steps to call China:

  1. Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re going to make an international call.
  2. Dial 86, the country code for China. This lets your carrier know you’re going to call China from the US.
  3. Enter the area code. The area codes in China consist of 2 to 4 digits. Look at the table below to see the area codes of major cities in China.
  4. Dial the phone number. A Chinese landline will be between 6 to 8 digits. Chinese mobile numbers are usually 11 digits. Skip dialing the area code when you call a mobile number.


China Area Codes

Here's a list of area codes with the major cities in China.

Location Area Code Location Area Code
Anshan 412 Qingdao 532
Beijing 10 Shanghai 21
Changchun 431 Shenyang 24
Chengdu 28 Suizhou 722
Chongqing 23 Tai'an 538
Dalian 411 Tianjin 22
Guangzhou 20 Weifang 536
Hangzhou 571 Wuhan 27
Harbin 451 Wuxi 510
Huaibei 561 Xi'an 29
Huai'an 517 Xiangfan 710
Jilin 432 Yangzhou 514
Jinan 531 Yantai 535
Nanjing 25 Zaozhuang 532
Ningbo 574 Zibo 533


Call a Chinese landline from the US

Here’s an example of how to call a Beijing landline from the US. The landline number in this example is 011-86-10-66-6666.

1. Dial 011, the exit code.

2. Dial 86, the country code for China.

3. Dial 10, the area code for Beijing.

4. Dial 66-6666, the phone number.

Call a Chinese cell phone from the US

Here’s an example of how to call a Beijing cell phone from the US. The mobile number in this example is 011-86-166-6666-6666.

1. Dial 011, the exit code.

2. Dial 86, the country code for China.

3. Dial 187-7861-2574, the mobile number.

How to Make Successful Business Calls to China

  • Show respect for the person you’re calling by being on time for the meeting.
  • If you have Chinese roots, you can give yourself a Chinese name when interacting with your Chinese client.
  • Be respectful of every person you talk to, regardless of title—never act cocky or arrogant in your conversation.
  • Let the person you’re speaking with end the conversation first. Small talk about safe topics like climate, travel and scenery is merely an ice breaker. Answer small talk questions succinctly, and then move on.
  • Avoid scheduling calls during Chinese New Year, which is usually at the beginning of the year in January or February, or on other holidays, like Golden Week in October.
  • Using the Chinese language can impress those you’re doing business with, but only use Chinese words when you are entirely sure of their meaning and context. Otherwise, hire a translator to make sure your call goes smoothly.

Are calls to China expensive?

Calls to China can turn out to be expensive, whether they’re for business or personal reasons. Rates can change depending on if you’re calling a landline or cell phone. If you have to make frequent calls from the US to China, using a service like 8x8 can help you save time and money.

Using 8x8 for business calls from the US to China

The right enterprise cloud communications solution can help businesses reduce costs, drive significant productivity improvements and achieve strategic business goals.

With 8x8, you can reduce expenses required to maintain, support and upgrade traditional on-premise solutions. Businesses of any size, configuration or geographic location can benefit from the cost, performance and operational advantages of 8x8’s cloud-based communication solutions. Calling China from the United States is even simpler—and much less expensive—when you use 8x8.

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8x8 can save you time and money

8x8 helps businesses of all sizes solve critical communication challenges. Some of the benefits of using 8x8 are:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively and securely
  • Free up IT resources with maintenance-free communications and rapid deployment
  • Unify communications throughout the entire organization
  • Integrate mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops into your communications strategy
  • View real-time and historical data about crucial business functions for faster, better decisions
  • Keep costs low and productivity high, with one easy-to-use economical system

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