Calling Mexico from the US is simple. You just need to understand how to make an international call with a Mexican area code.

To call Mexico from the US, make sure your phone is set up for international calls. If you’re calling Mexico from a cell phone, you might need to enable international calls with your carrier. If you’re calling Mexico from an office phone, check with your administrators to make sure international calls are allowed.

Whether you’re calling your Grandma, arranging your next vacation, meeting with suppliers or conducting a remote interview with a superstar job candidate, the process for making a call to Mexico is the same. If, however, you call Mexico frequently or anticipate doing so in the future, your strategy might change—because making regular calls to Mexico can add up.

To call Mexico you need to consider...

  • If you’re calling a Mexican cell phone or landline
  • The area code of the place in Mexico you’re calling
  • How much the call will cost

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How to call Mexico from the USA

Calling Mexico from the USA is simple! Follow these steps to call Mexico:

  1. Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re going to make an international call.
  2. Dial 52, the Mexican country code. This will convey to your carrier that you’re going to call Mexico.
  3. Calling Mexico with a cell phone. If you’re calling a Mexican cell phone, dial 1 after the area code.
  4. Remove trunk code. If the phone number has a trunk code. Trunk codes are 01, 045 or 044 and are used exclusively for domestic calls, depending on whether you’re calling a landline or a cell phone.
  5. Enter the area code. Note that in Mexico’s three largest cities (Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey); the area code is two digits. In the rest of the country, the area code is three digits. Refer to Mexico’s area codes below.
  6. Phone number. Now type in the entire phone number and make your call to Mexico from the United States.


Mexico Area Codes

Make sure that the phone number you’re calling includes an area code. Here’s a list of area codes in Mexico:

Location Area Code Location Area Code
Acapulco 744 Aguascalientes 449
Cabo San Lucas 624 Campeche 981
Cancun 998 Celaya 461
Cd. Juarez 656Cd. Lazaro. Cardenas 753
Cd. Oregon 644 Cd. Sahagun 791
Cd. Valles 481 Cd. Victoria 834
Coatzacoalcos 921 Colima 312
Cuernavaca 777 Culiacan 667
Chetumal 983 Chihuahua 614
Chilpancingo 747 Durango 618
Fresnillo 493 Guadalajara 33
Guadalupe Victoria 676 Guamuchil 673
Guanajuato 473 Guasave 687
Guaymas 622` Hermosillo 662
Huatabampo 647 Iguala 733
Isla Mujeres 998 Ixtapan de la Sal 721
Jalapa 228 La Paz 612
Leon 477 Manzanillo 314
Maravatio 447 Matamoros 868
Mazatlan 669 Merida 999
Mexicali 686 Mexico City 55
Minatitlan 922 Monclova 866
Monterrey 81 Morelia 443
Nuevo Laredo 867 Oaxaca 951
Orizaba 272 Pachuca 771
Patzcuaro 434 Poza Rica 782
Puebla 222 Puerto Vallarta 322
Queretaro 442 Saltillo 844
San Felipe 686 San Luis Potosi 444
Tampico 833 Tapachula 962
Taxco 762 Tehuacan 238
Tepic 311 Tequisquiapan 414
Texcoco 595 Teziutlan 231
Tlaxcala 246 Toluca 722
Torreon 871 Tulancingo 775
Tuxpan 783 Tuxtla Gutierrez 961
Valle de Bravo 726 Veracruz City 229
Villahermosa 993 Zacatecas 492


Call a landline in Mexico

Here’s how to call a landline in Mexico from the United States. In this example, we’re calling Cancun at 011-52-998-123-4789.

  1. Dial 011, the exit code.
  2. Dial 52, the Mexican country code.
  3. Dial 998, the Cancun area code.
  4. Dial 123-4789, the phone number.

Call a cellphone in Mexico

Here’s how to call a cell phone in Mexico from the United States. In this example, we’re calling the same number from Cancun at 011-52-998-123-4789.

  1. Dial 011, the exit code.
  2. Dial 52, the Mexican country code.
  3. Dial 1, for the cell phone code.
  4. Dial 998, the Cancun area code.
  5. Dial 123-4789, the phone number.

Business Call With Someone in Mexico? Use These Tips

  • Be on time, but do not be offended if the person you are calling is slightly late to a meeting. Timeliness is relatively flexible in Mexico. Send several meeting confirmations before you hold your call. Be polite and respectful in order to develop a rapport with the person you’re talking to. Develop relationships with small talk about family, friends and hobbies. If you leave a voicemail, follow up by calling again. It’s not customary for professionals in Mexico to return a call as it is expected that the person who left a voicemail will call again. While communicating address them with by their title and their last name. Use “Señor,” which means “Mr.,” “Señora,” which means “Mrs.” or “Señorita,” which means “Miss.” A void using first names unless you are invited to do so. If you don’t know how to speak Spanish, familiarize yourself with some common Spanish phrases, such as “gracias,” which means “thank you,” and “por favor,” which means “please.” You may want to hire a translator unless you have a good understanding of the Spanish language.

Is calling Mexico from the USA expensive?

Frequent calls to Mexico from your personal cell phone or a regular office landline can become expensive.

If you call Mexico regularly, it makes sense to look into other options that make it possible to make frequent calls without running up a big bill.

Using 8x8 for business calls from the USA to Mexico

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8x8 can save you time and money

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