All the world’s a platform, and all the cloud applications merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one app, in its time, plays many parts.

With all due deference to Shakespeare, for me, everything relates back to cloud communications. His famous lines, though, from As You Like It (watch a great animated recitation) are about stages of life. Apps have stages and evolutions too.

Cloud communications is ascending to its next stage of evolution. Individual, standalone, cloud apps are being replaced by a collective bound together by an open cloud platform. This is a good thing for organizations who are working to be more competitive, more innovative and more resilient to threats seen and unseen.

This leads me to 8x8’s new eBook Operate From Anywhere: The Next Evolution of Remote Work. We teased it last week, noting that a new chapter will be released each week with new insights and original data to educate readers.

Operate from Anywhere may have started last year, as companies deployed band-aid solutions to keep employees productive from home. But now, organizations are applying the lessons they have learned over the past year to be more strategic for the long term or, in some cases, making the cloud jump for the first time.

One of the eBook’s central themes is that cloud communications and contact center solutions are blending together to help organizations reduce complexity, and be better positioned to benefit from video, deep analytics, AI and other innovations that are coming down the pike.

We think you will love the content and will use it to inform good decisions about your cloud communications journey. Get our Operate from Anywhere eBook and check our other new eBooks around Microsoft Teams, small business, building your experience with CPaaS.

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