Sneak Preview of the Next Evolution of Operate From Anywhere

There’s change in the air.

Yes, some of it is the change that started last year as people and businesses adapted to a work-from-anywhere world. In response, communications and collaboration tools evolved into engines to amplify competitive advantages, generate new revenue streams, and facilitate business resilience.

But this is something bigger. 

We now know a patchwork of communications tools can’t truly increase productivity, improve customer experience, and uncover real cost efficiencies. We now realize the future lies in the convergence of unified communications and contact center, of internal and external teams, of people and business processes.

Announcing The Essentials for the New Digital Workplace Early 2021 Edition

Starting February 8th, we’re bringing the band back together with a totally reinvented resource hub featuring eBooks, Webinars, and independent research with commentary from 8x8 experts, our channel partners, and industry analysts. 

How It Works

Each Monday, starting on the 8th, for eight straight Mondays, we will release new content designed to serve IT managers and line-of-business leaders responsible for telephony and collaboration. The information will be presented in new chapters from one of four eBooks that cover:

  • Operate From Anywhere — The movement toward open communications platforms that are enabling the convergence of unified communications and contact center solutions 
  • Microsoft Teams — Getting better voice communications for Microsoft Teams
  • Small Business — Digital communications for everyone, with a look at the unique needs of small business communications and collaboration needs
  • CPaaS — Adding digital communications to apps and websites to personalize customer interactions

We’ll share this content far and wide from our website to social channels and email. I’ll probably even share a few funny and/or annoying stories here between chapters.

But why wait until next week? Our brand-new report, Unified Communications Trends to Watch in 2021, tells you what to look out for this year, and includes essays from a variety of sources including our partners from Intelisys, AVANT, Virgin Media Business and Softcat. Also, one of our CPaaS leaders, Russ Chadinha, authored a blog post about using digital communications to boost customer experiences and engagement.

On a personal note, being part of the team that will be creating all of this content for you is kind of a rush. Each eBook has its own development team. We are all competitive and working to deliver the most awesome content with real and useful insights, avoiding the marketing fluff. As the weeks unfold, if you want to add your voice to the insights, I hope to hear from you. We feel like Essentials will be a valuable addition to our customer and partner communities. 

Buckle up. The next eight weeks will be a wild ride. We hope you will join us.