If your organization relies on video conferencing on a regular basis, it makes sense to try and find the right app. The best video conferencing apps offer the features your business can use to have more effective meetings, collaborate, and offer webinars. It can take time to find the right video conferencing app for you, but video conferencing has a variety of useful features for businesses. 

Video conferences can help you provide training, enable your team to work remotely, allow you to hire teams offsite or even outsource more of your work, and more. Remote work is a lot easier thanks to features such as video conferencing that make collaboration even easier than ever. 

What is the Best Video Conferencing App? 

The best video conferencing apps empower teams to get more done at work. Generally speaking, there are characteristics and features they all have in common. Finding the right one for you can help you gain access to new features and functionality. 

To find the best video conferencing app, you'll need to find one with the right features. Apps that are compatible with your other software can be helpful, too. If you rely on a communications platform, for instance, you should seek out an app that's integration for your system or is part of the communications system itself. 

These are characteristics great video conferencing apps have in common: 

  • Easy to use: The best apps are easy to set up and understand. 
  • Compatible with your hardware and software: They are fully compatible with common computer hardware and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) systems.
  • Flexible: These apps are flexible and offer added features. 
  • High-quality: Video and sound quality are good enough to get the job done. 

How Do You Pick the Right Video Conferencing App? 

Choosing the right video conferencing app requires an in-depth knowledge of what you actually need. You may need to shop around. Your VoIP or UCaaS vendor may be able to help or provide you with more detailed guidance in finding the best video conferencing app for your organization's needs. 

Here are a few ways you can find the right video conferencing app for your organization: 

  • Shop around: If you don't have a UCaaS or VoIP solution yet, shopping around can help you find the best options and make a more effective choice. 
  • Ask your vendor: Your UCaaS or VoIP vendor may be able to suggest a good app that's compatible with your software, or may offer a video conferencing app as part of an existing software package. Either way, many vendors know how businesses typically use video conferencing and can suggest an effective solution for your organization. 
  • Ask others in your industry: In networking groups, on social media, or at conferences, you could ask your colleagues what they're using to get a better idea of which apps are meeting your industry's needs the most effectively. 
  • Read reviews: Online and offline reviews can help you get real user feedback and gauge how people are actually using the app every day at work. 

Video conferencing apps are an effective solution for many organizations, but it can be tough to find the right one. Thankfully, there's a lot of different ways to learn about the different solutions available and find tips and tricks for using them more effectively. 

Find a Great Video Conferencing App

Once you choose the right video conferencing app and start hosting meetings, you'll start finding more ways to collaborate and get remote work done. You can record meetings, host conferences, offer classes, and include more people than ever in your work. Video conferencing apps often work best when they're compatible with other apps your organization is already using, so it helps to ask your vendor for suggestions and consider apps that are part of a software suite with other communications tools. The best video conferencing apps today have a lot to offer and can make your organization more productive. 

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