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With the addition of single moderator controls, Meetings Pro, Express, and X Series users can now designate a single moderator to host and manage their meetings.

Enabling Single Moderation Controls

Single moderation control for Meetings can be enabled on any Pro, Express, or X Series account by an account administrator. The option can be found in the Settings menu of the Meetings Admin interface.


If single moderation controls are turned on for the account, they become the default for all Meetings. Administrators can additionally allow users to turn single moderation controls on or off for their personal Meetings spaces.

How Single Moderation Works

When single moderation controls are enabled for a meeting, the organizer of the meeting becomes the sole controller of that meeting. This means that only the organizer can:

  • Start and end a meeting
  • Mute participant audio and video
  • Start and stop recordings and transcriptions
  • Remove a participant from the meeting

Single Moderation Controls for Personal Meetings Spaces

Users who have this option enabled by their administrator will be able to choose whether they want to start their Meeting as a single moderator or to allow multiple moderators. 

This option will appear only if the administrator has enabled it for their account.


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