Certification Questions

What certifications does 8x8 offer?

8x8 offers six certifications – three tracks for each product:

  • Administrator Certified: Virtual Office, Virtual Contact Center
  • Deployment Certified: Virtual Office, Virtual Contact Center
  • Support Certified: Virtual Office, Virtual Contact Center

Candidates may seek one, several, or all six certifications.

What is the minimum requirement to become certified?
  • Certified Administrator: Pass the Certified Administrator exam (Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center)
  • Deployment Certified: Achieve Certified Administrator (Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center), complete Deployment Process training, and complete customer shadowing
  • Support Certification: Achieve Certified Administrator (Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center), complete Support Process training, and pass Support Certification exam
Is training mandatory?

The only requirement for Admin Certification is to pass the Admin Certification exam for Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center; however we recommend that candidates new to 8x8 complete training first. Deployment Process and Support Process training is mandatory, if seeking those certifications.

Can certification be transferred?

8x8 Certification belongs to the individual who earns it, even if that person changes job roles or employer. Certification cannot be transferred to other individuals within a company.

How is the Certification test administered?

Certification tests are administered as a proctored, closed-book exam, by 8x8’s testing partner, Kryterion. The test can be taken online using biometric authentication (which requires the candidate to have a webcam and internet connection) or at a physical test location. Kryterion has more than 1,000 test locations in more than 120 countries.

How do I sign up for the exam?

To get started, you will need to create a new account and register for the exam. The links are below:

New Account Creation:

Registration for Exam:

Do you offer training packages or bundles that lead to certification?

Yes. Certifications Bundles offer a value-based package of training courses and one attempt for each exam required to complete one or more certification tracks. Available bundles include: Admin Configuration Training, Advanced Topics and Troubleshooting, and one certification exam voucher.

  • Virtual Office Administrator Certification
  • Virtual Office Deployment Certification
  • Virtual Office Support Certification
  • Virtual Office Deployment and Support Certification
  • Virtual Contact Center Administrator Certification 
  • Virtual Contact Center Deployment Certification
  • Virtual Contact Center Support Certification
  • Virtual Contact Center Deployment and Support Certification
How soon will I know whether I pass the certification exam?

Test results are provided immediately upon completion of the online examinations. Successful candidates will be able to print a Certified Administrator certificate from the test site, and 8x8 Academy will be notified of results.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information through the Academy website and by contacting [email protected] 

For information about certification testing, please visit the Kryterion website to sign up or create and account.

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