An Example of a Life Insurance Call Center Script

Life insurance companies benefit from strong, clear communications with their clients. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service has a lot to offer for the insurance industry since it reduces costs and offers better features than legacy phone choices. Since many businesses use scripts to help train and guide their employees, it makes sense to find an online example life insurance call center script to help you create your own call template.

With an example, you can write your own life insurance call center script or use this template directly to help your business boost conversions and provide better customer service.

What Should a Life Insurance Call Center Script Look Like?

Here's an example call script:

Free life insurance call center script

(First, introduce yourself and the insurer you represent as soon as the prospect answers the phone)

Hi, May I speak with ______________, please? My name is ________________ and I'm calling from ___ Life Insurance! How are you?

(Tell them why you're calling and how you can help. Find out how interested they are by asking when you can have your company call them back tomorrow, etc.)

The reason I'm calling you is to let you know that we have local agents offering free, no-obligation life insurance quotes to residents of _______. Would you like to find out if you qualify? When is a good time for one of our agents to call tomorrow?

(If your prospect responds with a question or concern, you can try a relevant rebuttal below)


It’s not too early/too late to think about your family/retirement and prepare for the future.

It’s a short call and you don't have to buy anything.

Even if you already have an insurance company, we can still give you a quote and help you compare rates to see if you can get a better deal on life insurance.

(If you've successfully handled your customer's questions, immediately move on to asking your own questions to see if they qualify for a quote)

Collecting Information:

I just need to ask you a few questions to see if you qualify for a free quote from us. After that, I can either transfer you to one of our agents or we can set an appointment to have them call you back when it's convenient for you. Sound good?

Qualifying Questions:

  1. May I know your age?
  2. What's your approximate annual income?
  3. Have you ever been sick with a serious illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke?
  4. Are you currently taking any prescription medicines?
  5. Do you already have a life insurance policy? (if yes, with whom?)
  6. Anything else I should let the agent know?

(Live Transfer) Okay, that’s it for now. Please hold while I connect you with our life insurance agent. If you have any other questions, they'll be happy to help you out.

(Next Day Appointment) Okay, that’s all for now. So when is good time to have an insurance agent call you tomorrow?

(When scheduling an appointment, be sure to remind them of the date and time at the end.)

Thank you. Have a great day and please don’t forget our appointment tomorrow at 3 p.m. If you'd like, prepare a list of questions and our agent will be happy to answer them for you at your appointment!

Please feel free to adapt this life insurance call center script for your own use. We hope it's helpful to you and your business goals.

How can Call Center/Contact Center Software Help?

By helping your company communicate efficiently with prospects and clients, contact center software can help life insurance companies get more accomplish more.

Software features like Switchboard Pro, for instance, allows life insurance companies to become more efficient and effective at handling client calls. If you begin using a life insurance call center script and see increased conversions, having the right software can help your agents efficiently answer these calls and respond to client needs.

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