I am new to 8x8. How do I get training?

The 8x8 University offers both fee-based training for end users and administrators, and free online training for selected products. If you wish to enroll in fee-based training and training was not included on your sales order, contact your sales representative or email training@8x8.com.

What is virtual, instructor-led training (VILT)?

VILT classes are led live by an 8x8 instructor and delivered virtually, via computer and audio connection.

What are the technical requirements to attend a virtual, instructor-led training class?

Participants need a computer, audio connection (headset), internet access, and the ability to connect to the web meeting.

How can I enroll in classes?

If you would like to sign up for a class, email training@8x8.com for the upcoming schedule and our system admin will register you for the course of your choosing. 

Do you recommend onsite training for end users?

Each customer’s situation is different. Onsite training has its advantages and disadvantages. In onsite training, the instructor can interact face-to-face with participants for livelier sessions. However, based on our historical experience, end-users are more likely to skip training unless management makes training mandatory and schedules participants for a specific session. Most organizations will find that cobranding our licensed eLearning Adoption Kit is a more effective (and more cost-effective) way to provide end users with the training they need to start using our products.

Who should attend training?

System administrators should attend an Administration and Configuration class (8x8 Work or Contact Center).

What is open enrollment?

An open enrollment class is open to participants regardless of their company affiliation.

I have more than one Admin that needs training – can I have them all sit in a conference room to attend the training?

No, all training is on a per-person/per-seat basis. If you have additional colleagues that need to attend, please work with your sales representative to purchase additional seats.

How long will access be available for courses purchased?

Once your account is created in the Learning Portal and access is provided, course(s) will be available for up a year. To request an extension, please email training@8x8.com.

What is the maximum time period available to schedule remote training sessions or Adoption Kit consultation calls?

Sessions and consultation calls must be booked within six months from the date of the order placed with 8x8.

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