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David is responsible for the 8x8 Contact Centre solutions portfolios in the EMEA region, with a passion for using technology to find solutions to business issues for 8x8 clients. His work is featured in the Open Universities Business School and serves as an exemplar of business techniques. Read More>

Articles by: David Rowlands

Q&A with Chrissie Spencer, Head of Group Marketing for The DDC Group



This week we interviewed Chrissie Spencer, head of group marketing for The DDC Group Can you give a brief introduction to DDC as a business? Chrissie: DDC OS UK is a leading business process outsourcing business. Some of our clients include GB Energy Supply, South East Water, Robin Hood Energy, th [...]

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Be honest, do customers dread calling you?



Do customers dread calling you — fearing they’ll lose hours of their lives, get misunderstood and end up disappointed? We’ve all experienced huge frustration when calling a contact centre with a simple request to change our account details, alter an order or ask a question. We end up making multip [...]

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The Rise of Faceless Customer Service



What retailers can do about it More UK customers are buying online than any other country in the world.¹  This means the rise of customers interacting with faceless companies that have little to no human interaction and the need to rely on Twitter for complaints. But for these organisations, c [...]

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