Should You Come Clean About Chatbots?

How Transparent Should You be About Chatbots? When offering customer assistance via a chatbot, do you let customers know they’re not talking to an agent? Or try to make it seem like they’re chatting with an agent? “Tell them right out of the gate. If you mask a chatbot as a human, I think I’m […]

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Episode 2: How using Augmented Reality Can Improve Customer and Employee Engagement

In the second episode of Communications. Transformed. I was lucky enough to make my 8x8 podcast debut. I interviewed a retail innovator from Bang & Olufsen, a leader in high-end consumer electronics, an 8x8 customer, and one of my favorite brands. Simon Silva, Global Retail & Customer Experience Manager at Bang & Olufsen, is responsible for building […]

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Moving from PBX to the cloud – what are the challenges?

Moving from PBX to the cloud is easier than you think. If you don’t, you risk killing your business.

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Episode 1: The Challenges Facing Retailers in the New Communication Landscape

I am excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, ‘Communications. Transformed.’ The podcast is dedicated to the future of enterprise communications. Whether you’re looking for strategic counsel on moving your communications to the cloud, improving your customer experience from “I don’t know” to “I got this” or to simply learn from industry thought […]

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What are the benefits of building a more connected business?

Tech migrations are viewed as headaches, but it can actually help your business become more connected and help employees work more efficiently.

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Redefining the customer experience with connected tech

A good customer experience should be the absolute priority of every organisation and empowering employees to deliver outstanding customer service is paramount.

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How can technology help recruitment businesses succeed in a competitive marketplace?

How embracing new technology can help recruitment businesses of any size succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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Local councils embrace digital transformation

How using new unified communication tools has had a positive impact on local Government.

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Up Your Customer Service Game by Leveraging What You Have

One recent study published by Marketing Week revealed that 75% of companies acknowledge that customer experience (CX) is of increasing strategic importance.  Yet only 24% said that customer experience is fully embedded in their organization. If your company has not fully embedded a mature customer experience model, you are not alone.  In fact, just 13% […]

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Going Global with Cloud Communications

The term “globalisation” used to be relevant to only the world’s largest businesses. Even 8-10 years ago, most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were not thinking about competing in global markets. But it’s a new economy and the rise of ubiquitous Internet access has dramatically changed the business landscape. Today, even SMBs need to think […]

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